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Gartner Report Says Amazon Is Still on Top for Cloud Infrastructure, Azure Is Unreliable

Gartner's 2019 IaaS report places AWS way on top, while Azure is evolving into a strong offering with good IoT integration but troubling reliability.

Gartner: Smartphone Sales Continued Decline Through Q1 2019

Market researcher Gartner reports smartphone shipments fell 2.7% over the first three months of this year.
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Gartner: Microsoft Unified Support Program Could Result in Higher Costs

Microsoft is selling its Unified Support Program as a better solution, but Gartner analysis suggests that will only be the case for some customers. The program will cost up to 15% more than the industry average.
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Microsoft Azure Second Best IaaS Platform Gartner Research Shows

While Amazon’s AWS still leads the Infrastructure as a Service market, Azure’s position shows how far Microsoft’s cloud first strategy has come.
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Gartner: PC Market Still Declining in Every Region except North America

This marks an overall negative trend in sales since 2014, with drops of up to 20% in South America.
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Gartner: Microsoft beats Google in cloud email market of Australia and New Zealand

A report from Gartner reveals how Microsoft and Google are performing in the cloud-based email space, illustrating how large corporations favor Office 365 tools over Google Apps for Work.
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Gartner: PC Market to dip before Windows 10 picks it up in 2017

A new report published by Gartner predicts a a dip for PC sales in 2016 followed by a recovery with four percent growth for 2017 due to increased Windows 10 migration.
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Gartner: PC Sales Drop In 2015 Despite Windows 10, Recovery Not Before 2017

Gartners latest device forcast predicts a decline of the PC market for 2015. From 2017 the relatively new segment of premium ultramobiles like the Surface Pro series should start to offset declining PC and Notebook sales.

Oracle Ends its $2 Billion Advertising Business Amid Privacy Regulations

During the fiscal 2024 Q4 earnings call, Oracle CEO Safra Catz announced the termination of the company's advertising division. This move comes after the...

Arm’s Market Share Ambition: 50% of Windows PCs in Five Years

Rene Haas, Arm's CEO, has revealed an ambitious objective, telling Reuters he wants the company to secure 50% of the Windows PC market by...
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ASML Has An Invasion-Kill-Switch for TSMC Equipment in Taiwan

Geopolitical friction between China and Taiwan has heightened concerns about the stability of global semiconductor supply chains.

Broadcom Announces Adjustments to VMware Subscription Model Amid Customer Feedback

Broadcom tweaks VMware subscriptions to ease customer concerns. They admit challenges and offer extended support for perpetual licenses

Google Calls for Regulatory Action Against Microsoft’s Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices

Google accuses Microsoft of unfair cloud practices, fearing a dominant "walled garden" similar to its past software dominance.

The Surge of AI-Enhanced PCs: Shipments to Reach 167 Million by 2027

PCs with AI brains are taking over! Shipments to jump 60% by 2027 thanks to new AI chips designed for faster, more efficient processing.

Intel Leads Semiconductor Industry despite Drop in Revenue amid Overall Market Decline

Semiconductors slumped 11% in 2023, but Intel reclaimed the top spot while NVIDIA boomed thanks to AI demand.

European Commission Eyes AI Chip Market for Anticompetitive Practices

The European Commission has been gathering information on potential abusive practices in the semiconductor industry amid rapid growth and exploding prices.

Oracle’s CEO Visits Microsoft HQ for Historic Cloud Collaboration

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's recent Microsoft visit marks the announcement of an expanded collaboration between the two tech giants.

PC Sales Declined in Q2 But Remain Above Pre-COVID Numbers Ahead of Windows 11...

PC sales fell following a year of growth in 2020, but another growth period could come when Windows 11 arrives.

Microsoft Azure Will Continue to Dominate AWS in Public Cloud Services Suggests Survey

A new survey shows IT executives prefer to use Microsoft Azure and more will join the platform over the next three years.
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Google Could Acquire Salesforce to Tackle Microsoft Azure in Enterprise

A report suggests Google could make a move for SaaS giant Salesforce in 2020 as the company seeks to compete against Azure in enterprise cloud.

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