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Featured - Hide or Show Icons in Taskbar Corner Overflow Menu in Windows 11

Windows 11: How to Hide or Show Icons in the Taskbar Corner Overflow Menu

We show you how to hide or show app icons in the Taskbar Corner Overflow menu to free up space or to gain quicker access to the underlying apps.

How to Make a Flowchart in Word Using Shapes or SmartArt

We show you how to create a flowchart in Word using simple shapes and its SmartArt tool, which provides accessible flowchart templates.

New MLflow Update Prevents Theft and Poisoning of Machine Learning Models

A critical flaw in MLflow (CVE-2023-43472) let hackers steal or mess with your data. Attackers could redirect training data and "poison" models.

Elon Musk Declares Breakeven Cash Flow for Starlink

The breakeven cash-flow achievement does not only delineate Starlink's profitability but stands as a pathway to bolster SpaceX's high-capital projects.

Microsoft Teams Directly Integrates Workflows via Power Automate

The new Workflows app for Teams is built upon Microsoft Power Automate, a platform known for automating processes by connecting various applications.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 Pipeline: Enhanced Collaboration, Chat Workflow, Revamped Together Mode, and Private Line...

Microsoft Teams 2.0 is set to receive a series of significant updates, including inbuilt workflows, a revamped Together Mode, and a new private line feature

Generative AI: Poisson Flow Generative Models Beat Diffusion Models for Image Creation by Factor...

Poisson Flow Generative Model (PFGM) highlights how physics-inspired AI can transform generative AI.

Stack Overflow Launches OverflowAI as the Latest AI Coding Solution

Overflow AI is a new platform from Stack Overflow that uses generative AI to help developers write code faster and easier.

Stack Overflow Moderators Go on Strike Over ChatGPT and AI Moderation Block

Moderators and users protest against Stack Overflow’s ban on moderating content created by ChatGPT and similar AI bots.

Microsoft Bing Chat Gains Mobile/Desktop Workflow and Contextual Chat for Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a bunch of new tools for Bing Chat on mobile, including desktop linking, a widget, and Contextual chat for Edge.

ChatGPT Takes Over: Less Developers Visit Stack Overflow

Instead of asking other developers on Stack Overflow, more and more programmers seem to prefer to consult ChatGPT first.

Stack Overflow Temporarily Bans OpenAI’s ChatGPT Chatbot Answers

Stack Overflow has temporarily banned the new OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot because of the potential to spam incorrect answers.

Microsoft Debuts TensorFlow-DirectML on Wide Release

TensorFlow-DirectML combines Google’s TensorFlow and Microsoft’s DirectML API for a GPU-accelerated machine learning trainer.

Microsoft Begins Move Away from SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows will reach end-of-support for SharePoint 2010 Online this year, and will be deprecated on SharePoint 2013 Online.

Microsoft Discloses Kubernetes Crypto Mining Attack Leveraging the Kubeflow Toolkit

Bad actors are using the Kubeflow machine learning toolkit to compromise Kubernetes clusters for cryptocurrency mining.

Microsoft Teams Gains Stack Overflow Integration at Ignite 2019

Stack Overflow is now directly integrated into Microsoft Teams, allowing users to work with the question and answer service without leaving Teams.

Ignite 2019: Microsoft Flow Rebranded as Power Automate

Microsoft Flow is now called Power Automate to better align with the Power Platform. The new service also supports robotic process automation.

Windows 10 Control Flow Guard Causes Chromium Performance Issues

Chromium-based web browsers are being affected by Control Flow Guard, which is causing a performance gap in Windows 10 compared to Windows 7.

Slack Announces Four New Features to Compete with Microsoft Teams and Flow

Slack's Workflow Builder provides a compelling replacement for Microsoft Flow, while better email integration and search bring it closer to Teams.

Samsung Flow on Windows 10 Now Syncs with Clipboard

Samsung Flow allows users to defer activity from their Galaxy device on Android and sync it to any Windows 10 PC.

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