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How to Clear the Cookies, Cache, and Site Data for a Specific Site in...

We show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, as well as the cache and site data.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Being Hit By “Adrozek” Attacks

Microsoft says Adrozek is a sophisticated malicious ad campaign that is infiltrating Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox users.

Mozilla Defends Search Default on Firefox Amid Google Lawsuit

As Google faces an antitrust lawsuit for search monopolizing, Mozilla says Firefox should not be caught in the middle.

Microsoft Edge Overtake Mozilla Firefox in Browser Market

NetMarketShare reports Microsoft Edge now takes more of the browser market than Firefox, with Chrome still out in front.

Mozilla Brings TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Back to Firefox 74

Firefox 74 once again supports TLS 1.0 and 1.1 after support was ended earlier this month. Mozilla says the versions are used by governments amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 74 with Support for Chromium Edge Import

Firefox 74 prevents unwanted add-on installations while making it easier to migrate from Edge and hide from Facebook.

Firefox 78 Adds Ability to Run Websites as Apps

Firefox 78 Nightly allows users to install websites and run them like apps using the SSB model instead of PWAs like Google and Microsoft.

Chromium Edge Windows 10 Ads Target Firefox

Microsoft is using ads in the Windows 10 Start menu to pitch Chromium Edge to users of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Chrome and Firefox Clamp Down on Web Extensions

Chrome and Firefox are disabling extensions that could be malicious. Google has taken a blanket approach while Mozilla is approaching it more individually.

Even Homeland Security Thinks You Should Update Firefox

Firefox 72.0 contains a critical vulnerability that has been exploited in the wild to gain control of user's PCs. The bug lets malicious JavaScript code run outside of the browser.

Mozilla Allows Firefox 72 Users to Delete Telemetry Data

To comply with CCPA, Mozilla is adding an ability in Firefox 72 that allows users to request their telemetry data be deleted.

Firefox Reality Browser Arrives on the Microsoft Store

Windows Mixed Reality users can now download Mozilla’s Firefox Reality browser directly from the Microsoft Store.

Firefox 71 Arrives with FPN Expansion for WIndows 10

Mozilla has released Firefox 71 with continued improvement of its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, which now reports trackers directly.

Firefox Preview on Android Will Have Web Extensions

Mozilla has confirmed its new Firefox Preview browser for Android will have Web Extension support, but not until 2020.

Mozilla Debuts Firefox 70 With New Security Features

Firefox 70 promises a secure browser experience with a security report, streamlined HTTP and HTTPS reporting, and more.

Mozilla’s Firefox Private Network VPN Enters US Beta Testing

Firefox Private Network has entered public beta in the US, giving users up to 12 hours of free, secure browsing per month.

Mozilla Changes Firefox Updates to Every Four Weeks

Mozilla has reduced the time between Firefox updates, with the browser soon to receive updates every month.

Firefox 69 Blocks Auto-Playing Videos, Adds Expanded Windows Hello Support

Firefox 69 blocks tracking cookies and auto-playing videos by default, while improving Windows 10 performance.

Mozilla Announces Firefox Preview, a New Android Browsing Experience

Mozilla is taking another stab at success on Android with its Firefox Preview, a new browser that takes elements of Firefox Focus and is built on GeckoView.

Firefox 68 Will Use Windows’ Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) for Updates

Firefox's Nightly versions can now tap into Windows' BITS service for updates, letting users download them when the browser is closed. Eventually, Mozilla wants to move to its own Update Agent, which will still communicate with BITS.