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Featured - How to Delete Downloads From Your Computer

How to Delete Downloads on Windows 11 (Incl. Chrome, Edge, or Firefox)

We show you how to clear downloads on Windows 11 using File Explorer, as well as how to clear automatic downloads from your browser cache.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to remove bookmarks in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, using both the bookmark bar/flyout and the bookmark manager.
Featured - How to delete history on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

How to Clear Browser History on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

We show you how to clear your browsing history completely or partially in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Show or Hide the Bookmark Bar in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to show or hide the bookmark bar (favorites bar) in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge using a variety of methods.

How to Enable or Disable the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome PDF Viewer

We show you how to Enable or Disable the Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge PDF viewers in just a few short steps.
Featured - How to Disable (and Enable) JavaScript in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera

How to Disable or Enable Javascript in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera

We show you how to disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, both permanently and temporarily.

How to Block a Website on Firefox Desktop and Mobile

We show you how to block a website on Firefox using an add-on for the desktop browser and Apple's Screen Time tool.

Mozilla Firefox Overcomes Microsoft Edge Default Barrier with In-Built Button

Mozilla has baked in a choice to make Firefox the default on Windows 11 and 10 directly into the browser through a clever system.
Featured - How to Change the Default Search Engine of Your Browser

How to Change Default Search Engine in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox

Need to know how to change your default search engine or make Google your default search engine? This tutorial will show you how on all of the major browsers.

How to Clear the Cookies, Cache, and Site Data for a Specific Site in...

We show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, as well as the cache and site data.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Being Hit By “Adrozek” Attacks

Microsoft says Adrozek is a sophisticated malicious ad campaign that is infiltrating Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox users.

Mozilla Defends Search Default on Firefox Amid Google Lawsuit

As Google faces an antitrust lawsuit for search monopolizing, Mozilla says Firefox should not be caught in the middle.

Microsoft Edge Overtake Mozilla Firefox in Browser Market

NetMarketShare reports Microsoft Edge now takes more of the browser market than Firefox, with Chrome still out in front.

Mozilla Brings TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Back to Firefox 74

Firefox 74 once again supports TLS 1.0 and 1.1 after support was ended earlier this month. Mozilla says the versions are used by governments amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 74 with Support for Chromium Edge Import

Firefox 74 prevents unwanted add-on installations while making it easier to migrate from Edge and hide from Facebook.

Firefox 78 Adds Ability to Run Websites as Apps

Firefox 78 Nightly allows users to install websites and run them like apps using the SSB model instead of PWAs like Google and Microsoft.

Chromium Edge Windows 10 Ads Target Firefox

Microsoft is using ads in the Windows 10 Start menu to pitch Chromium Edge to users of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Chrome and Firefox Clamp Down on Web Extensions

Chrome and Firefox are disabling extensions that could be malicious. Google has taken a blanket approach while Mozilla is approaching it more individually.

Even Homeland Security Thinks You Should Update Firefox

Firefox 72.0 contains a critical vulnerability that has been exploited in the wild to gain control of user's PCs. The bug lets malicious JavaScript code run outside of the browser.

Mozilla Allows Firefox 72 Users to Delete Telemetry Data

To comply with CCPA, Mozilla is adding an ability in Firefox 72 that allows users to request their telemetry data be deleted.