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Microsoft Facial Recognition Tech Won’t be Sold to Police, Says Chief Counsel

Microsoft facial recognition won’t be sold to law enforcement until Washington starts regulating the technology, says Brad Smith.

Microsoft’s Brad Smith Praises Facial Recognition Technology Regulations in Washington

However, Smith says more facial recognition regulations must follow around the United States based on Washington’s breakthrough.

Microsoft M12 Removes Investment in Facial Recognition Startup AnyVision

Microsoft’s M12 venture company says it has divested its stake in AnyVision because of a change in its policies regarding facial recognition companies.

Microsoft President Calls EU Plan to Ban Facial Recognition a ‘Meat Cleaver’ Solution

Microsoft's stance on facial recognition regulation remains half-hearted as the EU mulls a five-year ban on the tech in public places.
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Chinese Law Introduces Facial Recognition Scans for Mobile Services

Consumers in China must not have facial recognition scans whenever they take out a new mobile phone service.

Fujitsu Creates Facial Recognition Solution that Detects Subtle Emotions

Fujitsu has developed a new facial recognition technology that avoids time-consuming AI learning to help better detect subtle emotions.

Microsoft President Finally Clarifies ‘Sale’ of Facial Recognition Tech to Immigration Enforcement

Microsoft's Brad Smith has spoken more about the company's ICE blunder, saying that further investigation revealed the tech wasn't being used for nefarious purposes.

Microsoft Shutters MS Celeb Following Facial Recognition Concerns

Microsoft has removed MS Celeb following concerns companies have been using the image database for facial recognition technology.

Microsoft Denied Police Access to Facial Recognition Tech, But the Company’s Stance is Becoming...

Microsoft says it turned down a request to use its facial recognition technology on police body cams and vehicles but continues to accept other contracts.

Senators Advise Caution as Microsoft ‘Works with Chinese Military’ to Advance Facial Recognition

Microsoft has been criticised for its facial recognition research in China as the country's use of similar technology is used to spy on minorities.
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Microsoft Agrees with U.S. Bill Seeking Facial Recognition Technology Regulations

A new bill has been proposed to stop companies using facial recognition technology user data without the customer knowing.

Microsoft’s Brad Smith is Fine with Passing Facial Recognition Technology to Governments

Microsoft President Brad Smith says there is no need for a blanket ban on facial recognition technology being sold to governments.

Google Wins Court Battle Over Facial Recognition Software Violation

Google was accused of using its facial recognition software to collect and store user data, in violation of Illinois’ BIPA regulations.

Microsoft’s Commits to Facial Recognition Regulation after Its ICE Blunder

Microsoft has espoused the need for facial recognition regulation and ethical policies within the industry. However, its statement feels weakened given its past actions and close relation to US military and government.
NAB's facial recognition ATM in use

Microsoft and National Austrailia Bank Trial ATM with Facial Recognition

NAB's ATM replaces a card with facial recognition, only requiring the input of a PIN to function. The solution is currently a proof of concept and will be showcased at SIBOS 2018.

Facial Recognition: Microsoft Announces 2000% Reduction in Error Rates for People of Color

Microsoft's Face API has seen huge reductions in error rates for people of color and women, but it's yet to fully address concerns about its assistance of the ICE.
Samsung s8 facial recognition

Samsung Galaxy S8: Facial Recognition Security Bypassed with a Simple Photo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is a big step in winning back customer's trust but doesn't seem to deliver on all of its security promises. Tests show that facial recognition can be bypassed in several simple ways.
Finger print scanner Synaptics

Synaptics Announces Multi-Factor Fingerprint and Facial Recognition System

Synaptics multi-factor system will combine its Natural ID fingerprint sensors with an AI powered anti-spoof system to provide secure biometric scanning. The human interface developer is planning on adding further authentication methods in the future.
FamilyNotes Facial Recognition Windows official

Microsoft Demos Facial Recognition as Possible Key UWP App Feature

In its latest blog post, the Windows App Team has delved upon the possibility of the FamilyNotes app to use facial recognition features to...
PowerPoint Designer Multiple Images Update Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Out Multiple Images and Facial Recognition Features for PowerPoint Designer

The latest update to the recently launched Office 365 PowerPoint Designer application also adds an enhanced color extraction feature alongside facial recognition and the ability to upload multiple images to a slide.