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Microsoft Details Exchange Server Subscription Edition for Q3 2025 Release

Microsoft launches subscription-based Exchange Server SE in Q3 2025. It's similar to Exchange Server 2019 with a new licensing model and minor changes. pen_spark

Microsoft Addresses Exchange Server Concerns with Latest Hotfix Updates and Adds ECC, HMA Support

Microsoft released an optional hotfix update for Exchange Server 2019/2016 to fix issues caused by March's security update
How to manage Windows Security Tamper Protection feature on Windows 10

BSI Raises Alarm Over Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers in Germany

Over 17,000 Microsoft Exchange servers in Germany are unpatched and vulnerable, raising cybersecurity concerns.
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End-of-Life Microsoft Exchange Servers Pose Significant Cybersecurity Threat

20,000 Microsoft Exchange servers are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to outdated software. Experts recommend upgrading to supported versions

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 to Receive Last Cumulative Updates in 2024

Microsoft will release two more cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2019 in 2024, even though the product is no longer in mainstream support.

Updating Microsoft Exchange Server: A Preventive Measure against RCE Attacks

In the latest Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released security patch (CVE-2023-36434) that fully resolves the CVE-2023-21709 flaw.

Microsoft Now “Throttling and Blocking” Emails from Vulnerable Exchange Servers

Microsoft says it will throttle and then block emails from vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers if owners do not patch them.

ProxyShellMiner: New Cryptojacking Campaign Is Exploiting Microsoft Exchange Servers

ProxyShellMiner exploits three vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers to install a Monero crypto miner.

Microsoft Urges Users to Update to the Latest Exchange Server Build to Avoid Hacking...

Microsoft says the only way to ensure security on Exchange Server is to keep the service on the latest builds.
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Microsoft Looking to Automatic Updates for Exchange Server

Microsoft is surveying IT admins to see if they would want to see automatic Exchange Server updates in the future.

Rackspace Confirms “Security Incident” Affecting Its Hostest Microsoft Exchange Servers

Rackspace says a security incident affecting its Microsoft Exchange hosted services is causing Office apps to be unavailable to customers.

Microsoft Warns of Two New Exchange Server 0-Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange Server has two new 0-day vulnerabilities, including one that could allow a remote code execution attack.
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Microsoft Says the next Exchange Server Will Arrive in 2025

Microsoft will not release the next Exchange Server until 2025, although Exchange Server 2019 will get a new update.

Microsoft Brings Exchange Server Updates to .exe Packages

Microsoft is giving Exchange Server admins the option of manually installing updates vis .exe files to avoid issues.
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Microsoft Exchange Servers Face New Threat From Hive Ransomware

The Hive ransomware-as-a-service is targeting vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Server customers who have not patched their systems.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: LockFile Ransomware Uses a Novel Attack Method

Researchers for security firm Sophos says the LockFile ransomware targeting Microsoft Exchange servers uses “intermittent encryption”.

Microsoft Exchange Server LockFile Ransomware Targets Windows Domains

A new Microsoft Exchange Server exploit places the LockFile ransomware on a network, sparking new security concerns.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks Were the Biggest Cyber Threat During Q2

Cisco Talos has published its second quarter threat report for 2021, showing Microsoft Exchange Server attacks with the biggest security breach.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: Hackers Were Hunting for Exploits Within 5 Minutes

A report suggests threat actors were scanning for vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Server systems within minutes of Microsoft confirming bugs.

Microsoft Exchange Server Targeted by Lemon Duck Botnet Group

A threat group using the Lemon Duck botnet is now targeting Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities against unpatched systems.

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