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Microsoft Teams Was Down in Europe Due to Strain of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Microsoft Teams was down this morning across Europe as millions work from home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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Report: Internet Speeds in the US and Europe Are Dropping Due to Coronavirus

Speedtest creator Ookla has noticed a dip in broadband speeds in Europe and the US, while China's recover as it sees a reduction in new coronavirus cases.

European Lawmakers Vote to ‘Urge’ Commission to Adopt Universal Phone Charger

The European Parliament has urged the EU Commission to implement draft legislation that would force phone makers to use a single charger, in a clear hit at Apple.
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Gaia X: Microsoft Backtracks and Wants to Join Europe’s Public Cloud

Microsoft Germany’s CEO has decided Europe’s proposed public cloud, Gaia X, could be work development after all.
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European Parliament Falls Foul of EDPS Investigation for Breaking Data Laws

EDPS says the European Parliament was incorrectly using NationBuilder to collect voter data ahead of the coming election.
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COPRA Bills Aims to Give U.S. Similar Privacy Laws to Europe

The COPRA bill was introduced to the Senate and would give the FTC powers to enforce GDPR-like privacy rules on tech companies.
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Microsoft Data Management Under GDPR Regulations Spark European Investigation

European authorities have opened a preliminary investigation into Microsoft’s GDPR compliance over services and products in the bloc.

Facebook Dating Launches in the US, but Europeans Have to Wait until 2020

Facebook Dating is now live in the US and 19 other countries, but the company's ability to keep its user data private is still in question.
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European Unions Demands AVAS Noise Systems for All New Electric Vehicles

The European Union says all new electric vehicles from 2021 must emit a noise through an AVAS integration in the car.
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Google Adds Android Browser and Search Ballots to Appease European Regulators

Users on Android in Europe will soon be presented with choices for search and browser on their handsets following a ruling last year.
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[UPDATE] Microsoft’s GDPR Compliance under European Investigation following Office Data Claims

The EU data protection supervisor will investigate Office ProPlus features in EU government institutions to see if Microsoft is gathering data.

Google Hit with $1.69bn Fine in Europe for Stifling Ad Competition

The European Commission says Google prevented the growth of rival ad services by forcing websites into using its own AdSense in exchange for search access.

Microsoft Expands Surface for Business to 11 European Nations

Surface Business is coming to 11 new markets across Europe as Microsoft ramps up organizational support for its hardware line.

Microsoft Confirms Russia-Originating Cyberattack Against European Nations

A spear-phishing cyberattack on European countries has been disclosed by Microsoft, carried out by Russian hacking unit APT28.
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European Commission Laws Push Tech Giants to Rank Services

The European Union is close to introducing new laws that will mean tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google will need to rank theirs and rival services.

Microsoft and Google Will Do More to Prevent Political Interference in Europe and Canada

Google Project Shield and Microsoft Account Guard are extending their availability, providing anti-DDoS technology to the EU and hacking protection to Canada.
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Free Software Foundation Europe Calls for Open Source 5G License

The Free Software Foundation Europe wants all 5G technology code to be posted under a Free and Open Source Software license.

Google News Could Close in Europe if Article 11 is Finalized

Google says it may be forced to shutter Google News in Europe if proposed changes to how aggregators present content is passed to law.

Amazon’s Alexa Suffers Christmas Outage in Europe

During Christmas Day, Amazon’s Echo devices were no functioning as Alexa was down across the UK, Germany, and other regions.
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Google Moves European Data Management to Comply with GDPR

Google wants to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by shifting data management to its Ireland headquarters.