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European Commission Scrutinizes Microsoft’s Investment in French AI Firm Mistral

EU investigates Microsoft's €15m investment in French AI startup Mistral due to competition concerns in the AI space
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Google Faces Legal Challenge from Over 30 European Publishers for Alleged Anticompetitive Behavior

European media sues Google for €2.1 billion, claiming its adtech practices hurt ad revenue and competition.
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Meta Launches Election Operations Center in Europe for AI Content Scrutiny

Meta has announced its Election Operations Center in Europe, helping to properly police content during political elections.

European Union Questions TikTok’s Efforts in Protecting Minors and Data Privacy

EU probes TikTok under new law, focusing on child safety, algorithm risks, and ad transparency. Investigation follows EU's review
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European Court Strikes down Encryption Backdoors in Telegram as a Violation of Human Rights

European court rules against decrypting messages, upholding user privacy. The case, sparked by Russia's demand for backdoors in Telegram

Microsoft and European Space Agency Announce Unique Contest to Design a Spacesuit Inspired by...

Starfield fans design sci-fi spacesuit for real! Partnering with ESA, Xbox opens global contest (except Russia). Submit drawings or digital art by Feb 24.
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Apple Announces Sweeping Changes to European iOS and App Store Services

Apple's iOS revamp in EU: More app stores, payments, but also risks. New choices for browsers & stricter rules for tech giants under EU's Digital Markets Act.
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Google Redefines Search Experience in Europe Under DMA Compliance

Google revamps European services for looming EU law. Search gets dedicated rivals' space, users pick default engines on Android & Chrome.

Microsoft and Vodafone Forge a 10-Year Alliance to Propel Digital Services in Europe and...

Vodafone and Microsoft forge 10-year digital alliance, promising AI-powered services for 300 million users. Focus on cloud, IoT, and SMEs
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Microsoft Steps Up Commitment to European Data Privacy with In-Region Storage Solutions

Microsoft stores all European user data and logs within EU, boosting privacy and complying with GDPR's strict data protection rules.
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European Central Bank Enters Private Partnership Phase for Digital Euro Development

The European Central Bank (ECB) is making a major push for a digital euro with a €1.3 billion investment, bringing the continent closer to joining the digital currency frontier.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2023: European Cities 1 Update Now Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator wraps up 2023 with city upgrades in Europe: stunning visuals for The Hague, Brussels, Košice, Zagreb, and Cádiz.
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European Regulators Open Probe into X, Looking into the Company’s Compliance Measures

The European Commission has launched a formal investigation into whether X has complied with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Microsoft Introduces Windows 11 Enhanced Sign-in Experience for European Users

Europe gets a user-choice sign-in for Windows 10/11! Starting January, you'll decide if apps use your login. This complies with EU rules

Instagram’s Companion App Threads Debuts in Europe Amid Regulatory Challenges

Meta expands Threads to Europe, reaching 448 million new users. Despite regulatory hurdles and complex relationship with Instagram
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Google, Meta, Qualcomm among Founders of European pro-Openness Initiative, CODE

Tech giants like Google, Meta & Qualcomm team up in "CODE" coalition to push for open digital platforms in Europe.
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European Union Strikes a Deal on Pioneering AI Act Regulatory Measures

The EU's A.I. Act sets a global precedent for AI regulation, aiming to balance innovation with safety. Focusing on high-risk AI applications
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BEUC Files Complaint Against Meta Over Alleged Unfair Practices in Europe

EU consumer group BEUC files complaint against Meta over ad-free subscription service, alleging unfair practices.

Silo AI Introduces Poro, an Open-Source AI Model, to Empower European Languages

Finland's Silo AI unveils Poro, a breakthrough open-source large language model for European languages.
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European Commission Starts Risk Assessments for AI and Quantum Computing

The European Commission aims to prevent tech leakage and enhance security in advanced semiconductors, AI, quantum technologies, and biotechnologies.

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