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Microsoft Office for Android Already Supports Dual Screen on Some Phones

Users of the LG G8X have noticed the ability to swipe Office apps from one screen to the other, as well as use two in tandem for enhanced productivity.
Microsoft productivity vision magazine

Flexible Display Patent Gives Further Hints at Microsoft’s New Dual Screen Device

A recently published patent details a flexible display and several ways to properly support it. Such methods could minimize durability issues while remaining compact.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Dell Working on Surface Phone Inspired Januss Dual Screen Smartphone

Working off Microsoft’s existence and fuelling Surface Phone existence, the Dell Januss seems to have been confirmed through a demo application.

LG Wing Smartphone With T-Shape Dual-Screen Could Launch in 2020

LG is joining the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, and Motorola in creating unique smartphones with the LG Wing T-Screen.

Microsoft Job Posting Hints at Plans for ‘Innovative’ Dual-Screen UI Features

A job posting reveals Microsoft's plans to create innovative solutions for its dual-screen Surface Neo, with changes possibly tricking down from Windows 10X.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Dual-Screen Emulator to Aid Surface Neo Development

Microsoft's prosed dual-screen emulator would show a 3D mockup of devices like the Surface Neo so developers can properly gauge how their apps will flow across screens.

Microsoft Encourages Devs to Embrace Dual-Screen Ahead of Surface Duo and Neo Launch

Microsoft is encouraging developers to start thinking about dual-screen development, offering more information to early adopters but signaling an extended push in 2020.

Microsoft Launches Dual-Screen Surface Duo, Re-Enters the World of Smartphones

Except, Microsoft prefers the Android running Surface Duo to be seen as more PC than phone, but it’s a game-changer either way.

Microsoft Reveals Surface Neo, a Game-Changing Folding Dual-Screen Device with Windows 10X Platform

Microsoft has announced the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device powered by the new Windows 10X experience and due to launch next year.

Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Surface Could be Announced in October

Microsoft has announced a Surface hardware event for October, and there is a good chance a dual screen folding device will make an appearance.

Microsoft Patent Proposes a Dual-Screen Device Built for Dawn Simulation

A Microsoft patent suggests using a dual-screen device for dawn simulation, with one screen providing a clock display, while the other shines indirect light until a user wakes up.

Microsoft Showcases Surface Dual-Screen Device at Internal Hands-On Event

Microsoft allowed select employees to see a prototype of its Surface dual-screen Centaurus device during a special hardware event.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Patent Tackles Display Calibration on Dual-Screen Hardware

A new Microsoft patent explains a new method to create a unified viewing experience through calibration on two-display devices.

Dell Patent Points to Dual Folding Screen 2-in-1 Windows PC

Dell is a Windows OEM that continues to join Microsoft in exploring folding and dual-screen hardware. The latest shows a device with two hinged screens.

Dell Patent Proposes Dual-Screen Laptop with Detachable Magnetic Displays

Dells dual-screen laptop concept lets users switch between single and multiple monitors at will, while also centering the monitors in comparison to the body.

Microsoft Patent Furthers Surface Phone Dual-Screen Technology

Perhaps the Surface Phone is not dead. A new Microsoft Patent shows a mobile device with a hinge system for dual-screen unlocking.

Microsoft Patent Details Pressure Sensitive Virtual Keyboard for Dual-Screened Devices

Left-over Surface Phone tech or more oriented to PC, either way this new Microsoft Patent could solve one of the main obstacles of interacting with a dual-screened laptop.

Intel Tiger Rapids Dual-Screen Prototype Evokes Microsoft’s Surface Phone Plans

Tiger Rapids as an Intel prototype showing a mobile computing device that looks like a small dual-screen laptop, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Phone.
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Xiaomi Developing Rotating Under-Screen Camera

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is working on an under-screen camera that will rotate to work as a selfie and rear camera lens.


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