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DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Expands DirectX 12 Ultimate to more Windows Versions with DirectX 12 Agility SDK

DirectX 12 Agility allows developers to extend the capabilities of DirectX 12 Ultimate to older versions of Windows 10.
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Nvidia Confirms Support for Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate with Driver Update

In a new driver update, Nvidia has added support for DirectX 12 Ultimate with GPU scheduling for its RTX graphics card.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft’s DirectX Developer Day Goes Ahead On Mixer

Microsoft has announced its DirectX Developer Day is happening amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and will be held on Mixer.

DirectX 12: Microsoft Introduces Variable Rate Shading for an Easy 14% Frame Rate Increase

Microsoft's implementation of Variable Rate Shading in the DirectX 12 API is likely to bring the feature to countless more games, with up to 20% performance improvements.

Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7 Despite End of Support in 2020

Less than a year before Windows 7 support ends, Microsoft has released DirectX 12 for World of Warcraft and other titles.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Transforms 3D Gaming Graphics with DirectX Raytracing API

The DirectX Raytracing API fills in the gaps of rasterization to deliver a more complete 3D modelling and is compatible with leading game engines.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Discusses Fault-Finding DirectX 12 Improvements Through Fall Creators Update

DirectX 12 on Windows 10 now comes with two new improvements from the Fall Creators Update, giving dev’s more control over managing crashes.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Solves DirectX Memory Allocation Error

Windows 10 will now allow the DirectX API to accurately report allocated memory for games, solving a persistent problem that has been observed since Windows 8.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Simplifies Multi-GPU Support for DirectX 12 Developers

A new abstraction for DirectX 12 allows developers to mount multiple video cards without needing deep coding, with Microsoft to debut the feature soon.
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Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Titles get Framerate Boost from DirectX Update

DirectX has announced an update for Windows 10 that will give Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games a high framerate to improve graphics and gameplay.
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Microsoft Betting on HDR Screens and DirectX 12

Microsoft has already shown that it is committed to DirectX 12, using the API for gaming on Windows, but the company does admit there is a way to go before it is as good as it can be.

Windows 11 Update Tool is Flagging Compatible PCs as Incompatible

Microsoft’s new Windows Update compatibility checker is flagging good PC for Windows 11 upgrade as incompatible.

Microsoft Launches Windows 11 with Global Rollout, but Is Your Device Eligible?

Microsoft is starting to update Windows 10 machines to Windows 11, starting with newer devices before completing the update in “mid-2022.”

Millions of Enterprise PCs Not Compatible With Windows 11, Study Finds

Microsoft’s awful handling of Windows 11 compatibility means tens of millions of installations do not meet current requirements.

Microsoft Debuts TensorFlow-DirectML on Wide Release

TensorFlow-DirectML combines Google’s TensorFlow and Microsoft’s DirectML API for a GPU-accelerated machine learning trainer.

Microsoft: DirectStorage API Provides Exclusive Benefits on Windows 11

While Microsoft will continue to include the DirectStorage API on Windows 10 PCs, but Windows 11 will have more benefits.

Microsoft Account Will be Needed for Windows 11 Installs

Microsoft is demanding users of standard Windows 11 to have a Microsoft Account to install the OS, with Windows 11 Pro users exempt.

Windows 11 Supports 120Hz Displays Via Dynamic Refresh Rate

Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) allows Windows 11 to automatically adjust the display refresh rate on screens with 120Hz or higher.

Windows 11 May Not Require TPM 2.0 Says Microsoft

Windows 11 OEMs could get special approval from Microsoft to build laptops that do not have Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Microsoft will require Windows 11 laptops to have a Precision Touchpad, Webcam and Bluetooth

As well as demanding front facing cameras on all Windows 11 laptops, Microsoft also wants Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.