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Microsoft Announces Deeper Azure/Cloud Foundry Integrations

Azure services now further support the open source Cloud Foundry, while Microsoft was named as a gold member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.
Microsoft announces Azure Blob Storage and Managed Disks support for Cloud Foundry

Microsoft Announces Azure Blob Storage and Managed Disks Support for Cloud Foundry

Operators can now address organizational security and compliance requirements thanks to Azure Blog Storage. Managed Disks support provides simplified disk management in Cloud Foundry.
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Microsoft Azure Now Supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry

A collaboration between Microsoft Azure and Pivotal has introduced the latter’s Cloud Foundry to the cloud platform. Microsoft describes the service as a one-click marketplace deployment that allows Azure services to be implemented in Pivotal apps.
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Microsoft Purchases 65 Acres in Silicon Valley amid Reported Cloud and Internet Expansion

Microsoft's new Silicon Valley land is planned to contain 437,000 square feet of offices, housing up to 2,200 employees. The purchase came in at $73.2 million.

Microsoft Continues Open Source Love-in by Embracing MariaDB for Azure

The company is now a platinum sponsor of the non-profit MariaDB Foundation and debuted Azure Database for MariaDB in preview.
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Microsoft Updates Azure Stack TP3 with PaaS Services Support

The Azure Stack TP3 refresh introduces installation and deployment improvements, as well as support for the latest ARM version, reliability improvements, and more.

Google Stadia Struggles to Run Red Dead Redemption 2 at 60fps

Early reports of Google Stadia performance suggest the platform cannot stably run Red Dead Redemption 2 at 60fps.

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scarlett Will Be One Console, Not the Rumored Two

Microsoft's next-generation 'Lockhart' console appears to have been scrapped for the time being while the company focuses on a single powerful Project Scarlett release. Developers were reportedly struggling to optimize for two consoles.