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JEDI: Judge Says Amazon Is ‘Quite Likely’ to Prove the Pentagon Made a Mistake...

Unsealed documents reveal that federal claims judge Patricia Campbell-Smith thinks Amazon will probably prove that the Pentagon made an error taking at least one Microsoft's pricing scenarios at face value.

Judge Temporarily Halts Microsoft’s Work on JEDI Cloud Contract at Amazon’s Request

Microsoft will have to cease work on the JEDI Cloud contract while it comes under review, in a big win from Amazon.

Amazon Calls on Trump to Testify in Its JEDI Cloud Contract Feud

Amazon is calling on Donald Trump to testify about the JEDI cloud contract, alleging that he showed clear bias and directed officials to "screw" the company.

AWS Seeks Microsoft Restraining Order Over JEDI Cloud Contract

Amazon Web Services has requested a restraining order to stop Microsoft starting the JEDI cloud contract as a lawsuit continues.

Amazon Web Services Challenges Microsoft Winning the JEDI War Cloud Contract

As expected, Amazon Web Services has protested Microsoft winning the Pentagon’s JEDI contract, questioning President Trump’s role in the process.

Microsoft Employees Slam Company’s Bid for JEDI Cloud Contract

Microsoft has bid for the $10 billion JEDI contract and employees are protesting the use of Microsoft technology for acts of war.
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IBM Joins Tech Giants Calling for Pentagon JEDI Cloud Contract to be Multi-Vendor

IBM says the current demand for JEDI to be created by a single vendor will harm competition and be too restrictive.

Microsoft and Amazon’s bid for War Cloud JEDI Contract Delayed by Legal Battle

Ongoing legal debates between Oracle and the U.S. government regarding the War Cloud project have delayed the announcement of a winner between Azure and AWS.
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Microsoft Agrees to Improve Cloud Storage Contracts in the UK

The company has joined its major cloud storage competitors in agreeing to CMA stipulations in the UK. Microsoft says it will now keep inactive OneDrive accounts open if they are paid, and will also warn users of any account closures.
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Amazon Fires Back in JEDI Cloud Wars Between Microsoft Azure and AWS

Amazon says it will continue to fight Microsoft over Azure winning the $10 billion JEDI cloud contract from the Pentagon.

Microsoft’s JEDI Pentagon Contract Met DoD Standards, Redmond Fires Shots at Amazon

A DoD report has found Microsoft’s $10 billion JEDI contract was won by meeting compliance standards despite Amazon’s legal protests.

Amazon Lawsuit Asks for Termination of Microsoft’s JEDI Contract Due to Trump’s Interference

Amazon has filed a complaint over Microsoft's win of a lucrative Pentagon cloud contract after allegations that Trump told Secretary of Defense Mattis to 'screw Amazon' out of it.

Microsoft Tactical Vehicle Brings Cloud Tech to Military SUVs

Earlier this month, Microsoft showcased its Microsoft Tactical Vehicle, which features integrated Azure cloud technology and augmented reality.
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Salesforce Partners with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Despite Commitment to AWS

Salesforce is embracing a multi-vendor cloud approach with partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba.
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Microsoft Updates Commercial Cloud Provisions to Meet EU Regulations

Microsoft has updated commercial cloud terms to reflect the demands of regulations in the European Union following a recent investigation.

Amazon Could Challenge Microsoft’s Win of $10 Billion JEDI Contract

Amazon could lodge a complaint over the awarding of the $10 billion JEDI contract to Microsoft, after a process that was steeped in controversy.

Trump Allegedly Told Mattis to ‘Screw Amazon’ out of Microsoft-Won JEDI Contract

An upcoming book by Trump's former Defense communications director says the president told Mattis to deny Amazon the JEDI contract.
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Microsoft Poaches 84,500 Government Users from Google in $94 Million Contract

Microsoft has won a contract to provide Office 365 and email to the Interior Department, regaining it from Google after its previous iteration resulted in a legal battle.

Microsoft Beats Google to Win $8bn DEOS Contract

Microsoft’s Office 365 will become the productivity software after the DoD announced the DEOS contract winner.

Pentagon Begins Watchdog Review of JEDI Contract Weeks Before Announcement

The JEDI contract winner between Azure and AWS is expected to be announced soon, but the Pentagon has started to review the contract.