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Image cup winner Bryan Chiang

Build 2019: Microsoft Awards Phone-Based Glucose Detector the Imagine Cup and $100k

Easy Glucose has won the 2019 Imagine cup for its use of retina scanning to determine glucose levels in a non-invasive way. As well as prize money, the winner will receive a session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Build 2019: Cortana’s Future Will Be Context-Driven Enterprise Integrations

Cortana will be making appearances throughout the enterprise with a context-driven approach that should simplify routines and tie in with its business-driven software.

Build 2019: Visual Studio Online Returns as Remote VS Solution

Visual Studio Online as been re-introduced, this time as a mobile way to interact with Visual Studio and Visual Studio code.

Build 2019: .NET 5 Announced as .NET Core and .NET Framework Replacement

Following the release of .NET Core 3, Microsoft will launch .NET 5, which will combine Core with the .NET Framework solution for a single platform.

Build 2019: Microsoft Debuts AI Platform for Robotics

A new AI and robotics toolkit leverages Azure and AI tools to create machine learning hardware for Microsoft partners.

Build 2019: Microsoft Debuts ElectionGuard SDK to Ensure Voting Legitimacy

ElectionGuard is new SDK that provides verifiability and audits for voting systems, built on a new homomorphic encryption type.

Microsoft Makes Build 2019 Bing Maps Announcements

Bing Maps SDKs have been launched for iOS, Android, and for mixed-reality apps. Microsoft also released a Multi-Itinerary Optimization (API).

Build 2019: Microsoft Announces New Windows 10 Developer Tools

At its Build 2019 conference today, Microsoft discussed upcoming dev-focused improvements for Windows 10, including a new tab Terminal.

Build 2019: Microsoft Details What to Expect from Chromium Edge

Microsoft revealed at Build 2019 what it is working on for Chromium Edge, including a feature called Collections and an upcoming Internet.

Conversational AI Will Be a Key Focus of Build 2019

With Build 2019 just around the corner, it's clear that Microsoft much of the conference will focus on conversational AI, forgoing focus on Windows for a look at the company's new plans for Cortana.

Build 2019: Microsoft to Ignore Windows Lite and WCOS While Ending Andromeda Plans

Microsoft will apparently host Build 2019 next week without any discussion of major Windows plans such as Windows Lite.

Microsoft Details Partial Build 2019 Sessions Schedule

Some of the sessions for next month’s Build 2019 conference have been scheduled, with more due over the coming weeks.

Windows 10 Build 18362.207 Brings Numerous Fixes to the May 2019 Update

Windows 10 build 18362.207 finally brings a fix for persistent calibration issues, as well as remedies for bugs in IE 11, magnifier, and more.

Windows Server 2019 Build 17692 Introduced Hyper-V Server 2019

The latest preview build for Windows Server 2019 debuts Hyper-V Server 2019 and launches a new feature called System Insights.

Microsoft Releases Build 17666 of Windows 10 SDK Preview and Windows Server 2019

Build 17666 of Windows 10 SDK Preview and Windows Server 2019 introduce a number of new features, but also have plenty of known issues. The releases are available to Insiders today.
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How to Check Your Windows Version, Edition and Build Number

We show you how to find your Windows version, edition and exact build number with internal tools.

Windows Server 2025 Sets Sail with Build 26040 for Insiders

First Windows Server 2025 preview (build 26040) arrives with Server Flighting for automatic updates.

Windows Server vNext Build 25951 Released to Insiders

The new Windows Insider build now allows users to install and monitor the Azure Connected Machine Agent via a system tray icon.

Microsoft Releases New Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview Build 25931

The latest Windows Server Insider Desktop build now offers an onboarding experience for Azure Arc-enabled Servers, a new command line utility, and the new Storage Replica Enhanced Log.

Microsoft Plans to Build Quantum Supercomputer within a Decade

Microsoft also unveiled Azure Quantum Elements, a system designed to accelerate scientific discovery and a new quantum performance metric.

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