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Microsoft Brings New Adaptive Cards to Bot Framework

A slew of new Adaptive Cards were announced at Build 2017 today. Skype, Cortana, Microsoft Teams and more are now available as cards in the Bot Framework.

Microsoft Bot Framework Gets Updated with Channel Inspector and Speed Improvements

With the update Microsoft makes it easier to connect bots to other services and also testing and debugging bots on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also brings some performance improvements.
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Microsoft Bot Framework Updated with Speech, Audio, and Image APIs

The new Bot Framework APIs give developers more tools to increase functionality of their bots. Bing Image and Audio APIs have been joined by the Computer Vision API from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.
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Microsoft Bot Framework and Slack Botkit Now Support Each Other

To further the nascent bot marketplace, Slack bot creator Howdy now supports Microsoft Bot Framework. Developers from each platform can now create bots for the other.
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Google Acquires API.AI, an Alternative to Microsoft Bot Framework

Google has acquired conversational UX platform API.AI, a move that could pose a considerable threat to Microsoft's Bot Framework.
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Skype Bots Framework Updated: Third Party Authentication and Microsoft Bot Framework Integration

The latest update to the Skype Bots Framework enhances its feature set even more, while Microsoft continues to garner strong developer support.
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Microsoft Integrates Kik Messenger into Its Bot Framework

After a month-long collaboration between Microsoft and Kik bot platform engineering teams, the Kik channel is now live on the Bot Directory. “The Microsoft Bot...

Azure Bot Service and language Recognition Solution Reach General Availability

Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Intelligent Service are leaving beta and will be available to customers on Azure cloud.

Microsoft Learn Chinese Lets a Bot Helper Hone Your Language Skills

Microsoft Learn Chinese lets users learn and practice both intermediate and basic aspects of the language, using a neural network to offer useful corrections.
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Adform Discovers Hyphbot, a Fake Ad Scheme Used to Scam Publishers out of $500,000...

Hyphbot used domain spoofing techniques with over 34,000 different domain names to trick advertisers into buying fake ad space. Buyers believed they were purchasing from sites like The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Microsoft’s Radbot Trademark Points to Mixer Integration

Radbot is a customer service bot designed for online game streaming, suggesting it is being developed for Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

Interview: Microsoft´s Paul Stubbs on Current Bot-Offerings with Azure, Skype, Cortana, Voice Recognition and...

Paul Stubbs, Director of Product Marketing AI & Bots at Microsoft, shares his insight into creating Microsoft-based bots with the currently available tools and services from the company.
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Microsoft Releases Ruuh, an AI Chatbot Geared towards India

Ruuh is an intelligent, english-speaking chatbot that Microsoft expects to be popular with young Indian users. The bot will roll out to other countries as it grows.
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Microsoft Officially Debuts Zo Bot and Discusses Other AI Projects

Bots are a big part of Microsoft’s plans, as the company explained at AI Day. The Zo chat bot is now official and Microsoft also talked about bots coming to Skype, Cortana SDK, and Bing Ads.
Zo Chat Bot Home Microsoft Official

Microsoft Launches New Chat Bot Called Zo

Zo is the latest chat bot from Microsoft and is available for Kik. Like the company’s previous effort Tay, the new bot will learn and adapt overtime and get better at dialog and answering questions.
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Microsoft Introduces Azure Bot Service in Preview

The Azure Bot Service is an extension of the Microsoft Bot Framework. It allows developers to create intelligent bots to be implemented within the Azure cloud platform.
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Microsoft’s Lili Cheng Discusses Bot Directory Strategy

In an interview, the gm of Microsoft Research FUSE Labs says the company is exploring an open bot directory. Bots are a major part of Microsoft’s cloud first plans.
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Microsoft .NET Framework to Recieve Monthly Rollup Updates Come October

.NET Framework will now receive updates in a single, monthly rollout, as well as a separate security-only update that will be available via ESUS and SCCM.
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Microsoft Releases Chat Bot Tutorial: How to Create Simple Chat Bots

Chat bots are an important area for Microsoft. The company has published a tutorial showing hot to create a simple bot that requires little time and resources.
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Microsoft Is Working on Personal Assistant Based on Bing Concierge Bot

Microsoft is working on a new human-like assistant bot for messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The digital assistant also known as Bing...