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Microsoft and Aptos Labs Partner to Bring AI Integrations to Blockchain

Microsoft and Aptos Labs partner to bring AI to blockchain, making it more accessible and user-friendly, starting with Aptos Assistant.

Lightning Labs Debuts LangChainBitcoin for AI Language Services on the Bitcoin Blockchain

LangChainBitcoin by Lightning Labs allows faster language service transactions by tapping the AI into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Microsoft 365 Defender Warns of ‘Ice Phishing’ Risk to Web3 and Blockchain Tech

Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team warns of increasing social media and ice phishing attacks on blockchain services.

Microsoft Research Details Argus System, a Blockchain Technology to Combat Digital Privacy

Argus is a system developed by Microsoft Research and collaborators that works on an Ethereum blockchain to track digital piracy.

Microsoft to Retire Azure Blockchain Service in September

Microsoft is ditching Azure Blockchain Service and advising users to migrate to an alternative service before September 10.

Ignite 2019: Azure Blockchain Tokens Heads to Preview

Microsoft has announced a preview of Azure Blockchain Tokens and several new features for Azure Blockchain Service.

Microsoft Joins Hyperledger to Further Open Blockchain Standards

Microsoft has announced it is now part of the Hyperledger Linux Foundation community that works to create blockchain standards.

Microsoft Announces VeriSol Blockchain Smart Contract Verification Solution

Microsoft researchers say their new VeriSol solution helps create a more secure smart contract verification for blockchain services.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

GE Aviation Launches Azure-Based Blockchain Network for Supply-Line Tracking

GE Airlines blockchain solutions utilized Microsoft Azure to trace the journey of airplane parts, potentially saving sellers millions of dollars.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

Microsoft and JPMorgan Chase Partner for First Blockchain Ledger on Azure

Microsoft will offer JP Morgan Chase's Quorum Blockchain ledger via Azure, simplifying deployment while using its significant enterprise reach to get more enterprises building on the platform.

Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Development Kit

The new Azure Blockchain Development Kit gives developers tools to efficiently create blockchain-based applications.

Microsoft Brings Azure Blockchain to Nasdaq Financial Framework

Microsoft has teamed up with Nadsaq to bring Azure Blockchain to its Financial Framework, increasing security with little inconvenience to the user.

Microsoft Teams with Tech Mahindra on Azure-Powered Blockchain Solution to Combat Spam Calls

Working with TRAI guidelines, Microsoft and Tech Mahindra developed a blockchain solution in Azure to give telecommunications companies control to stop unsolicited commercial communications.

EY and Microsoft Release Blockchain Copyright Solution for Trial by Ubisoft

Microsoft and EY's blockchain solution looks to greatly speed up the rights management process while also providing greater transparency and data insights surrounding royalty payments. It's already being tested by key gaming partners.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

Microsoft Azure Powers Newly Launched Blockchain Trade Finance Solution

Marco Polo is an Azure powered blockchain solution developed by several leading banks and finance companies, based on the TradeIX TiX platform.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

Microsoft Joins IC3 to Propel Vision for Blockchain Use in Enterprise

Microsoft and IC3 will work together to bring secure and flexible blockchain solutions to government, banks, and enterprises. The two will combine their experts to propel further research in that area.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

Microsoft Debuts Coco Framework to Help Enterprise Adopt Blockchain

Coco Framework is an open source blockchain system that will smooth passage for enterprise customers to move to blockchain.

Microsoft and Accenture to Leverage Blockchain to Give World an Identity

A new Blockchain project by Microsoft and Accenture will work for the UN’s ID2020 initiative to provide identity to everybody in the world.
Accenture's report for blockchain tech in investment banks

Microsoft Announces Azure Support for Multi-Member Consortium Blockchain Networks

Microsoft's multi-member consortium blockchain templates allow for easy deployment across Azure regions and in a variety of usage scenarios. The solution builds on Microsoft's first template released in November.
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Microsoft and KPMG Partner for Blockchain Nodes

The latest collaboration between Microsoft and KPMG is Blockchain Nodes. The workspaces allow start-ups to secure their cloud storage and adopt blockchain solutions for applications.

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