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Bill Gates Pledges $20 Billion to His Gates Foundation Charity

Bill Gates will give $20 billion to the Gates Foundation, a donation that will see him leave the global rich list.

Microsoft Pledges $100 Million to Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Project

Microsoft says the $100 million it is giving to Breakthrough Energy Catalyst will promote green technology, innovation, and investment.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Interview: Defending Facebook, Handling Misinformation, and Avoiding Bitcoin

In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates offered his opinion on misinformation and why Bitcoin is not for him.
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Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Regrets Mistakes with Mobile Strategy

Bill Gates claims Microsoft’s failure with Windows Phone remains his biggest regret and admits to personal mistakes during the mobile push.

Security: CDC, WHO, and Bill Gates’ Charity Suffer Credentials Dump Leak

Bad actors have targeted major organizations like WHO and Bill Gates’ charity with a credentials dump of emails and passwords.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Gives His Reddit Secret Santa a Gatsby Manuscript Copy and 17 Other...

Bill Gates' secret Santa received Twin Peaks memorabilia, a donation to the American Heart Association, a Gatsby manuscript copy, and much more.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Says Antitrust Investigation Stopped Windows Phone Dominating Mobile

Gates believes Windows Phone was not able to compete with Android partly because Microsoft was distracted by an antitrust investigation.
Bill Gates

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Says Regulators Should Not Break Up Tech Giants

Bill Gates says stronger regulations with final decisions are needed and offending tech companies should not be threatened with breakup.
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Bill Gates Explains Meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, “He Knows a Lot of Rich People”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has explained why he met with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2013, saying the financer was well connected.

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs Mesmerized People with Spells, but “The Spells Don’t Work on...

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently discussed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as a wizard, capable of “casting spells” on people.
Bill Gates

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Calls Failure to Buy Android His Biggest Mistake

Bill Gates says Microsoft not buying Android was his biggest mistake at the company, claiming there was only ever room for two platforms in the mobile market.
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Bill Gates Reveals Top Five Books of 2018

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is recommending five reads from 2018 that he thinks are worth looking at and could even make good gifts
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Bill Gates Offering Free “Factfulness” Book to All US Graduates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was impacted enough by 2018s Factfulness that he believes it should be read by young people embarking on their careers.
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Bill Gates Claims Cryptocurrency “caused deaths in a fairly direct way.”

Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Bill Gates had some harsh words for cryptocurrencies, claiming the digital money has caused deaths in a direct way.
Bill Gates

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Gets Role on The Big Bang Theory

Bill Gates is stepping into the sitcom world with a cameo on The Big Bang Theory. The Microsoft founder will appear in an episode scheduled to air next month.

Bill Gates Contributes to ‘How Computers Work’ Series by Code.org

The six-part Code.org series features Bill Gates as he explains the content of the course and the role of the Operating System in computing. The videos are available for free on YouTube.

Bill Gates to Play Charity Tennis Match with Roger Federer Once More

Gates and Federer will face off against Jack Sock and Savannah Guthrie to raise money for education in Africa. The event will take place on March 5.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Funds 25,000 Acre Utopian City of the Future in Arizona

Bill Gates is putting his wealth to use to create the City of Future. Called Belmont, the city will be located near Phoenix and will focus on technology.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Abandons Windows Mobile, Using Android with ‘a Lot of Microsoft Software’

Bill Gates is now an Android user, utilizing Microsoft's many apps on the platform to create an experience still focused on the company. However, the Windows creator still seems firmly against iPhones.
Bill Gates Wikipedia Commons

Bill Gates’ Stake in Microsoft Drops to 1.3% following Huge Stock Gift

An SEC filing reveals that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has gifted approximately $4.6 million in stock to an undisclosed recipient, his largest donation since 2000. It will likely fund the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which continues to do good work across the world.