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Microsoft Beam Becomes Mixer: New Platform for Revolutionizing Streaming

Microsoft has renamed Beam as Mixer. Aside from the new name, the platform get numerous new features such as co-streaming, Mixer Create, and Channel One.
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Xbox App for Android Gets Beam Notifications

The latest update for the Xbox app on Android also brings gamerscore leaderboards and the ability to share leaderboards with other users.

Microsoft Launches Theme Week and Giveaways to Celebrate Beam’s Xbox One Release

Theme Week offers streamers the chance to change things up a little via a variety of challenges and outfits throughout the week. It combines with several giveaways, including Beam Pro and Xbox Live membership.
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Xbox One Creators Update Lands with Beam Integration Alongside New Home and Guide UI

Microsoft has today rolled out an extensive Xbox One update that brings the Beam streaming app to all users. This is the company’s Xbox-specific version of the Windows 10 Creators Update and comes with sweeping changes for the look and feel of the console’s software.
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Xbox Insider Program Preview Ring 3 Gets Beam Integration

Build 1703 is the first update for Preview Ring 3 users on the Xbox Insider Program. Beam integration is the focus of the release, while Microsoft has also added automatics updates and an achievement tracker.

Microsoft Announces Beam Interactive 2.0 SDK at GDC 2017

At the game developers conference Microsoft said Beam Interactive 2.0 SDK will arrive this month and new features will be added throughout the year.

Microsoft Launches Game Streaming App Beam on Xbox One

Full game streaming with the social aspects of Beam are now available on the Xbox One through the Xbox Insider Program. The full experience for all users will arrive this spring.
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Microsoft Releases Beam 2.0 Globally: Redesign, Faster Streaming, and Xbox Live Sign-In

Beam 2.0 features a fivefold increase in performance, 1400p 60fps video, a homepage redesign and Xbox Live account integration. The functionality is now out of beta as part of a global release.
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Microsoft’s Xbox Live Accounts Merged with Beam

Video game streaming service Beam has announced a new logo and extensive UI and performance changes. The Microsoft-owned company has also been merged to Xbox Live accounts ahead of full integration to Windows 10.
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Microsoft and Beam Developing Xbox and PC Windows 10 App

A month after Microsoft purchased game streaming service Beam, the companies are developing a dedicated app. The Windows 10 application will mean a limitation of using the browser on Xbox will be avoided.
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Xbox One Users Need to Access Beam through Edge Browser despite Microsoft Acquisition

Because Bean is a web-based service, it can only be accessed on the Xbox One through the Edge browser. Microsoft has not said whether a dedicated app will arrive or not, but it seems likely.
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Microsoft Acquires Game Streaming Service Beam

Beam lets users join or watch live gaming sessions. Microsoft says that the purchase will expand the social aspects of Xbox Live and give gamers more streaming flexibility.
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Experiment with HTC Vive and Microsoft Kinect "Beams" Players into 3D VR Space

A Kinect experiment has added a new twist to virtual reality, allowing the user to see a virtual representation of themselves in three-dimensional space.
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Microsoft Could Be Interested in $10 Billion Discord Acquisition

Microsoft is reportedly one of the company’s interested in purchasing gaming communication app Discord, which would cost $10 billion.

Microsoft Acquires eSports Company Smash.gg To Further Xbox Division Push

Microsoft has agreed to purchase Smash.gg, a company that allows users to set up their own eSports tournaments and events.

Microsoft Research Makes Quantum Computing Breakthrough with Heterostructure Device

Microsoft Research and Copenhagen University have developed a new heterostructure device that could open doors for commercial quantum computing.

How Microsoft’s Mojang Purchase Changed the Company’s Acquisition Culture

Microsoft gaming executives have discussed how the purchase of Mojang taught the company to acquire companies and let them operate to their strengths.

Microsoft Sunsets Mixer, Wants Users to Join Facebook Gaming

In a bizarre deal, Microsoft has decided to shutter Mixer and send streamers and viewers to Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft Denies MicroVision Acquisition Rumors

According to a shared voice recording from Microsofts Mixed Reality Defense Specialist Alison Fehling, stories about a supposed acquisition of MicroVision are false rumors.

Streaming Giant Shroud Leaves Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer

Microsoft has managed to win over prolific Twitch streamer Shroud, who peaked at over 78,000 viewers on Mixer after his announcement.