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Microsoft Brings Azure Service Fabric Mesh to Visual Studio 2017

Azure Service Fabric Mesh allows Visual Studio 2017 users to deploy applications more efficiently by not needing to manage VMs.
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Microsoft Open Sources Azure Service Fabric .NET SDK

Microsoft has open-sourced a small portion of its Azure Service Fabric SDK, with plans to open more in the future. The effort signals the company's changing attitude under its new CEO.
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Microsoft Makes Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server Generally Available

Azure Service Fabric, the platform that allows developers to create scalable Tier 1 cloud applications, has been made generally available for Windows Server. Microsoft uses Service Fabric to underpin many of its own apps.
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Build 2016: Azure Service Fabric Launched Generally, Demoed with Age of Ascent

Azure is the focus of Day 2 at Build 2016 and Microsoft discussed Azure Service Fabric extensively, announcing that the service is leaving Preview and is now Generally Available.

Microsoft Azure Quantum Highlights Physics for Developing Scalable Topological Qubits

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum team has developed a new type of qubit that shows the physics for scalable quantum computing holds up.
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Microsoft Project Freta Promises to Stop Azure Malware

Project Freta is a Microsoft Research “technology demonstration” that is a virtual-machine (VM) forensics platform that stops malware.

Microsoft Expands Telefonica Partnership, Opens Azure Location in Spain

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its partnership with Telefonica, including the use of a new Azure datacenter region in Spain.

Microsoft and NTT Corporation Announces Azure-Powered Collaboration

Microsoft has announced a partnership with NTT Corporation that will see the telecommunications giant embrace Azure.
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Rubrik Backup Service Now Available within AWS and Azure

Rubrik now runs natively on both AWS and Azure, bringing an HTML5 interface, actionable insights, and visual reporting. The service is currently in early access.
Cisco and Microsoft: Cisco Integrated System for Azure Stack coming later this year

Cisco Integrated System for Azure Stack Coming Later This Year

The hybrid cloud solution is planned to be available in the third quarter of 2017 and is expected to help customers gain full control over how they manage data, governance, security, and performance.

[UPDATE] Intel Confirms 15% Investment in HERE Mapping Service

Intel wants HERE data and services to develop its interest in autonomous and connected vehicles. The companies plan to jointly develop a highly scalable proof-of-concept architecture that supports real-time updates of high-definition (HD) maps.
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Microsoft Azure Stack: Here Is What It´s All About

With Azure Stack Microsoft will offer its Azure Cloud technology as a Software package that can be installed by anyone. Here is a detailed overview of what Azure Stack is all about.
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Microsoft Makes Bletchley v1 Available for Azure

Bletchley is an infrastructural substrate which Microsoft says is the next stage of its blockchain support in Azure. This is an early release with more updates to follow.
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Microsoft to Release Service Fabric on Linux Preview This Month

Service Fabric on Linux is now available via Azure clusters, with non-cluster supporting coming at the start of Ignite on September 26th.
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Microsoft Announces Azure’s 2nd Payment Card Industry Attestation of Compliance for the Year

The Azure PCI AoC add-on supports a number of additional services, including Power BI, Intune, Stream Analytics and more.
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Microsoft Shows the Love with Ready-Made FreeBSD 10.3 vm Image for Azure

Microsoft finally announced support for the FreeBSD 10.3 OS with a VM image for the Azure Marketplace, the company announced today.
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Microsoft Makes Data Movement in Azure Data Factory Quicker

The company announced new copy capability limits for Azure Data Factory, while also highlighting the use of parallelism and PolyBase to boost movement speed.
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Satya Nadella: Azure UK Datacenters due 2016, plans world's most "hyperscale public cloud"

At a Microsoft event in London, CEO Nadella has announced the opening of UK based datacenters for Microsoft´s Azure business cloud and other online products. The datacenters are aimed to serve customers whose data must stay within the country's borders.
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Build 2016: Check Out All the News from Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference was nothing short of epic, the annual developer’s conference was a showcase for a myriad of new services and major updates to existing ones.

Nvidia Outbids Microsoft for Cloud Chipmaker Mellanox

Giants like Microsoft and Intel bid for cloud and networking company Mellanox, but Nvidia acquired the company with a $6.9 billion bid.