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Microsoft Brings Azure Service Fabric Mesh to Visual Studio 2017

Azure Service Fabric Mesh allows Visual Studio 2017 users to deploy applications more efficiently by not needing to manage VMs.
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Microsoft Open Sources Azure Service Fabric .NET SDK

Microsoft has open-sourced a small portion of its Azure Service Fabric SDK, with plans to open more in the future. The effort signals the company's changing attitude under its new CEO.
Azure Service Fabric Microsoft Official

Microsoft Makes Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server Generally Available

Azure Service Fabric, the platform that allows developers to create scalable Tier 1 cloud applications, has been made generally available for Windows Server. Microsoft uses Service Fabric to underpin many of its own apps.
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Build 2016: Azure Service Fabric Launched Generally, Demoed with Age of Ascent

Azure is the focus of Day 2 at Build 2016 and Microsoft discussed Azure Service Fabric extensively, announcing that the service is leaving Preview and is now Generally Available.

Microsoft Fabric Introduces Real-Time Intelligence at Build 2024

Real-Time Intelligence gathers information from multiple data points to create in-depth analytics in Microsoft Fabric.

Microsoft Launches Cobalt Chips and AMD Accelerators for Azure

In a pre-Build 2024 meeting, Microsoft detailed the upcoming launch of the Cobalt 100 processor and its wider cloud computing strategy.

Microsoft Fabric Enhances Security and AI Capabilities, Expands Openness

Microsoft improved security and AI features in its Fabric platform. It now integrates with Purview for better data governance and offers Copilot to simplify data exploration with AI.

Microsoft Fabric: a Partnership with Databricks Brings Deeper Data Integration and AI

Microsoft debuts Fabric, a comprehensive data platform that integrates data engineering, data lakes, data warehousing, machine learning, and AI.

Microsoft’s One-Stop Data Solution “Microsoft Fabric” Moves from Public Preview to Full Release

Microsoft's data analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric, is now generally available, offering seamless integration of data analytics tools into a unified SaaS offering.

Microsoft Unveils New AI Models for Azure AI Health Insights

Microsoft's patient timeline model provides clinicians an immediate and comprehensive view of medical encounters, procedures, and medications.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to Power Moody’s Co-Pilot for Financial Services

Moody's and Microsoft have partnered to develop enhanced risk data analytics, research, and collaboration solutions powered by generative AI.

Microsoft Fabric Introduces Unified Pricing to Challenge Google and Amazon

The new pricing model for Microsoft's Fabric suite is based on total compute and storage usage, marking a shift from the traditional pricing structures in the data analytics field.

Build 2023: Microsoft Tackles Inappropriate Content with Azure AI Content Safety

Azure AI Content Safety is a part of Azure OpenAI Service and leverages AI models to detect and flag bad text and image content.

Microsot Introduces Azure AI Studio for Building, Training, and Deploying Intelligent Apps

Azure AI Studio is a new development platform that allows users to leverage and use AI in their apps through Azure OpenAI Service.

Microsoft Brings AI Copilot to PowerBI, Power Pages and Microsoft Fabric

At Build 2023 today, Microsoft is expanding its Copilot AI with the launch of Power Bi Copilot, Power Pages Copilot, and Microsoft Fabric.

Microsoft’s New Azure Orbital Space SDK Brings Space Development to All

Microsoft’s new Azure Orbital Space ADK puts the power of Microsoft Azure Space cloud in the hands of all developers.

Microsoft Azure Quantum Highlights Physics for Developing Scalable Topological Qubits

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum team has developed a new type of qubit that shows the physics for scalable quantum computing holds up.
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Microsoft Project Freta Promises to Stop Azure Malware

Project Freta is a Microsoft Research “technology demonstration” that is a virtual-machine (VM) forensics platform that stops malware.

Microsoft Expands Telefonica Partnership, Opens Azure Location in Spain

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its partnership with Telefonica, including the use of a new Azure datacenter region in Spain.

Microsoft and NTT Corporation Announces Azure-Powered Collaboration

Microsoft has announced a partnership with NTT Corporation that will see the telecommunications giant embrace Azure.

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