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Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Now Supports Cassandra Databases

The company says Cassandra database support for Azure IoT Hub furthers its commitment to open source solutions on the cloud. Users can now store device data with the new connector.
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Microsoft Releases Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub, alongside Source Code on GitHub

Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub will allow develops to access telemetry data from connected devices in a secure and performant manner.
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Microsoft Launches IP Filter for Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub's new IP filtering functionality supports a number of protocols, including MQTT, AMQP/WS, MQTT/WS and HTTP/1.
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Microsoft makes Azure IoT Hub publicly available

The company has developed its Azure IoT Hub to offer a messaging infrastructure for distributed devices which then can communicate via Azure over IoT protocols such as AMPQPS, HTTPS and MQTT.
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Microsoft Releases Azure Stream Analytics for IoT Hub Operations Monitoring

Microsoft's latest update to the Azure IoT Hub adds support form Azure Stream Analytics, allowing users to monitor the status of operations in the IoT hub in close to real-time.

Azure IoT Central Remains a Key Component of Microsoft’s IoT Strategy

Microsoft clarifies: Azure IoT Central NOT shutting down despite misleading alert. Message sent in error

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Azure IoT Central Service by 2027

Microsoft retires Azure IoT Central in 2027, leaving developers scrambling. Existing applications safe until then, but future projects halted.

Telstra Data Hub Arrives with Azure Backing to Improve Data Tracking

Telstra Data Hub is a new data monitoring and management solutions developed to run on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Microsoft and Korea’s SK Announce Strategic Partnership on 5G, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's memorium of understanding with SK Telecom is not legally binding but will align strategies and collaboration across a number of evolving technologies.

Microsoft Launches ROS Integration for Windows 10 IoT

Months after announcing its ROS solution for Windows 10 IoT, Microsoft has launched the open project on GitHub.

Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Development Kit

The new Azure Blockchain Development Kit gives developers tools to efficiently create blockchain-based applications.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge Deployment Platform Launches Globally

Azure IoT Edge is a suite that connects Microsoft Azure services with Internet of Things devices with scalability and security.

Microsoft IoT Central Reaches Preview to Simplify Creation of Connected Apps

Microsoft IoT Central is now in public preview for organizations to make IoT solutions more efficient and easier to manage.

Microsoft Debuts Azure Event Grid for Event-Programming Developers

Developers building event-based and serverless apps can use Azure Event Grid for a seamless development tool. The service supports an array of Azure services and is currently in preview.
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Microsoft Announces Big Changes for Azure HDInsight and Azure DocumentDB

In a push to integrate Azure HDInsight and DocumentDB, Microsoft will discuss a host of new capabilities for the cloud services at Strata + Hadoop World this week. Among the additions are real-time data analysis with Apache Spark for DocumentDB, and the company’s most secure Hadoop offering for HDInsight.
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Microsoft Opens Security Program for Azure IoT Customers

The Security Program for Azure IoT brings a certified auditing solution for developers, allowing them to ensure their devices are cloud secure.
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Microsoft Announces Azure’s 2nd Payment Card Industry Attestation of Compliance for the Year

The Azure PCI AoC add-on supports a number of additional services, including Power BI, Intune, Stream Analytics and more.
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AT&T and Microsoft Create IoT Starter Kit for Azure Developers

The IoT Starter Kit lets developers create solutions for the Internet of Things through Microsoft’s Azure platform. AT&T is integrating its tools into Microsoft’s cloud services for an easier development environment.
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Microsoft Magic Mirror Shows the Possibilities of Azure and AI

The Magic Mirror concept uses a simple UI and affordable setup to give information through a mirror using AI facial recognition and Azure.
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Microsoft Announces Azure IoT Gateway in Beta

The Azure IoT Gateway is leaving private preview and will now be more widely available in beta form, allowing developers to test the hardware.

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