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Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Azure Data Explorer Reach GA

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Azure Data Explorer are now generally available, while Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flow becomes preview.

Microsoft Announces Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 in Preview

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is now available in preview, bringing integration with Azure Blob Storage and Azure Active Directory.
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Microsoft Introduces Event Hubs Capture for Azure Data Lake Store

Users on Event Hubs can now capture events from the Azure Data Lake Store in Event Hubs, with easy set up and no configuration overheads.

Microsoft Brings Azure Data Lake Solutions to Europe

Azure Data Lake Analytics and Azure Data Lake Store are now available to customers in the Northern Europe. The services allow users to analyse and store big data across platforms and languages.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse official Microsoft

Microsoft Introduces Data Integration from Azure Data Lake Store to Azure SQL DW

Azure SQL Data Warehouse customers can now import and export data directly from Azure Data Lake Store. The integration means Azure SQL DW now supports all Azure storage types.

Cyber Group UNC3944 Attacks SaaS Platforms like Azure, Salesforce, vSphere, AWS, Google Cloud

Attackers posing as employees often contact help desks to request multi-factor authentication (MFA) resets.

Microsoft Simplifies AI Deployment with New Azure Models-as-a-Service

The Models-as-a-Service in Azure AI Studio is debuting with 160 AI models, including Stability AI and TimeGen-1.
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Microsoft Launches Azure Cobalt 100 VM Preview with ARM-Based Chips

The Azure Cobalt 100 VMs support a variety of storage options, including Standard SSD, Standard HDD, Premium SSD, and Ultra Disk storage.

Microsoft Launches Cobalt Chips and AMD Accelerators for Azure

In a pre-Build 2024 meeting, Microsoft detailed the upcoming launch of the Cobalt 100 processor and its wider cloud computing strategy.

Microsoft Fabric: a Partnership with Databricks Brings Deeper Data Integration and AI

Microsoft debuts Fabric, a comprehensive data platform that integrates data engineering, data lakes, data warehousing, machine learning, and AI.

Microsoft’s One-Stop Data Solution “Microsoft Fabric” Moves from Public Preview to Full Release

Microsoft's data analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric, is now generally available, offering seamless integration of data analytics tools into a unified SaaS offering.
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Microsoft Gives Azure SQL Database Serverless for Hyperscale in Preview

Microsoft has announced a new serverless solution for Azure SQL Database General Purpose and Hyperscale.

Microsoft Project Haven Steps Closer to Azure Kubernetes Service on Windows

Microsoft’s new AKS Lite brings Azure Kubernetes Service from Azure to Windows IoT and Windows devices for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Now Widely Available

Azure Synapse Analytics is leaving preview alongside Synapse Studio. Microsoft also announces Azure Purview for data governance.

Microsoft Acquires ADRM Software to Develop Data Models for Azure

Microsoft has announced the purchase of data model develop ADRM, which will be incorporated into its Microsoft Azure division.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Expands Azure Reservations to Six More Products

Microsoft has released six new Azure Reservations, bringing the total number of reserved capacity services to 16.

Ignite 2019: Microsoft Announces Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is a service that manages data for business intelligence apps, it is available now in preview.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Azure Storage Explorer with Simplified Managed Disks

Microsoft has update Azure Storage Explorer (ADX), including improved disaster recovery capabilities and VM disk management.
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Microsoft Details New Intel-Powered x86 Windows DataCenter Class Machine with 896 Cores

Microsoft teased a pre-release Windows DataCenter Class machine with 896 cores, 1792 threads, and 32 sockets.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Gets 12 Terabyte RAM Virtual Machine

Microsoft has announced new VMs for Azure that provide huge RAM support for users who require large memory amounts for workloads.

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