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Microsoft and LG Announce Azure-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Collaboration

LG says it will use Microsoft’s Azure and AI tech to enhance its various in-car autonomous and infotainment solutions.

Microsoft Launches AirSim Autonomous Vehicle Platform on Unity

AirSim is a highly realistic simulation environment for testing autonomous vehicles. The platform is not available on the Unity engine.

Microsoft Teams with Baidu on Apollo Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Microsoft says it will help Baidu by bringing global scale to the open Apollo platform through Azure. The companies will also work on furthering development in autonomous vehicles.

Intel Acquires Autonomous Vehicle Company Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

Intel has announced an acquisition of Mobileye to accelerate innovation for in-car systems and autonomous tech. The companies have been collaborating since last year and Mobileye will now serve as Intel’s autonomous vehicle division.
Microsoft CES Wikipedia

Microsoft Showcasing Autonomous Vehicle Technology at CES 2017

Autonomous technology is a focus for Microsoft at CES. The company, with its partners, is showing how vehicles can communicate with each and be safer.
HERE HD Live Map homepage

HERE and Mobileye Announce Collaboration to Further Autonomous Vehicle Mapping Capabilities

The newly announced partnership will see HERE maps service adopted by Mobileye, while the latter’s Roadbook and REM technology will be used for HERE’s HD Live Map system.
Microsoft in Car Harman

Microsoft Will Not Build Autonomous Vehicle, Favors Software Approach

The company has no ambition to build an autonomous vehicle but is hugely interested in supplying platforms and services for in-car systems.

Ericsson Partners with Microsoft to Use the Connected Vehicle Platform

Ericsson has announced its Connected Vehicles Cloud system will sit on top of Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform, which is based on Azure.

Microsoft Refocuses In-Car Tech with Connected Vehicle Platform

Microsoft has announced its Connected Vehicle Platform, an Azure-based suite of tools that will underpin in-car infotainment centers.

TomTom Adds Its Navigation Tech to Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform

TomTom is bringing navigation data, maps, usage stats and more to Microsoft's Connected Vehicle Platform.

Microsoft Azure Enables Electric, Autonomous Bus in Germany

The e.GO mover uses Microsoft Azure to power its safe and smart driving in traffic, with the ultimate goal of eliminating city center traffic entirely. The bus will debut in three German cities next year.

Apple Gets on Board Autonomous Technology with Employee Shuttle Service

The first real-world use of Apple’s self-driving technology will be implemented at the Apple Park campus, allowing employees to move around the vast complex in autonomous vehicles.

Microsoft Research Open Sources Platform for Training AI to be More Autonomous

Microsoft Research has opened documentation for the Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform to developers and researchers. The platform contains a simulator to train AI to differentiate and anticipate, and a software library for simpler coding.
Baidu opens AR Lab

‘Baidu Will Win Again’ Says CEO as Google Reportedly Prepares to Re-Enter China

Baidu CEO Robin Li has questioned Google's chance of success in China as his company dominates the search market and works on AR, autonomous vehicles, and AI.

Lyft Follows Uber by Gaining Approval to Test Driverless Tech on California’s Roads

Ride-sharing company Lyft is expanding its autonomous vehicle development and can now test its technology on public roads in California.

Microsoft Research Develops Learning AI That Keeps Aircraft in the Sky Indefinitely

A new Microsoft Research project is testing how AI can adapt and predict in uncertain situations. It is hoped the technology can be used in autonomous vehicles.

Ransomware, Zero-Day, IoT, and Connected Car Attacks All on the Threatscape Horizon in 2021

A new report details some of the expected major cyber threats in 2021, some of which are already a problem and others that are new.

Microsoft Denies MicroVision Acquisition Rumors

According to a shared voice recording from Microsofts Mixed Reality Defense Specialist Alison Fehling, stories about a supposed acquisition of MicroVision are false rumors.

Microsoft among Most Likely Companies to Develop Killer Robots, Says Study

Microsoft's sale of HoloLens to the U.S. military and work on AI vision and cloud make it one of the most likely companies to create autonomous weapons, suggests a study.

Researchers Show How AI Can Develop Prejudices without Faulty Datasets

A joint study by Cardiff University and MIT explores ways AI can form prejudices. A donation game with 100 AI revealed increasingly fractured groups who actively avoided each other.