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Microsoft Flipgrid Gets Augmented Reality Features, AI-Powered Transcription

Microsoft's Flipgrid has received a number of features in preparation for the next school year, including automatic video transcription, Augmented Reality features, and new discussion tools.

Google Maps: Augmented Reality Mode Arrives, Incognito Mode to Follow Soon

Google Maps has received its much-anticipated Augmented Reality integration, while Incognito Mode is on its way.

Microsoft’s IVAS HoloLens 2 Brings Augmented Reality to the Battlefield

The US Army has given a preview of its retrofitted IVAS HoloLens 2 systems that give soldiers multiple devices in one.

Apple Will Reportedly Release an Augmented Reality Headset in 2020

Apple's Augmented Reality headset may take the form of lightweight glasses, able to pair with an iPhone to provide AR overlays on the everyday world.

Apple Acquires Akonia Holographics, an Augmented Reality Display Startup

Apple's acquisition of Akonia Holographics seems to indicate a serious play for the Augmented Reality market, lining up with earlier rumors. The details of the deal are not known.

Facebook Testing Augmented Reality Product Ads to Preview Sunglasses and Makeup

Facebook's Augmented Reality ads let users trial products on their face to drive user engagement in the News Feed. The feature is in testing for US users.
View 3D Magic Window feature

Microsoft´s Coming View 3D App to offer “Magic Window” Augmented Reality Viewing on Tablets

New details suggest that the company might be getting ready to add support for HoloLens-like viewing of 3D models to its application.
Tim Cook Flikr

Injury Report Leak May Hint at Apple’s Plans for Augmented Reality Glasses

The Apple injury reports detail laser-based injuries that an inside source says could be from augmented reality goggles. It also suggests upcoming ski and snowboard tracking for the Apple Watch.
Lightform official

Microsoft IllumiRoom-like Lightform Will Bring Augmented Reality Projection to Your Home

Lightform has strong Microsoft origins, pioneered by former researchers on IllumiRoom and RoomAlive. The product plans to bring interactive elements to real-world objects.

Apple Patent Filings Describe Mobile Augmented Reality System with Intelligent Object Detection

Two recently published Apple patents describe AR systems that can intelligently detect objects in the user's environment and overlay relevant information. The devices would use a depth sensing camera similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus.
Baidu opens AR Lab

Baidu Opens Augmented Reality Lab, Plans to Build Innovative Smartphone Apps

The top search engine firm has unveiled its new Beijing lab and signals a future in which phone cameras and AR could help users navigate the Internet.
Object Tracking Patent Microsoft

Microsoft Patent Describes Object Tracking for Future Augmented Reality Headsets

As AR devices get smaller and battery life improves, Microsoft will seek to increase capabilities. A patent shows the company’s Object Tracking idea, which tracks objects in a mixed reality environment and relays data information to the user. Never lose keys or wallets again.
HoloLens Projection filing screenshot

Microsoft Patent Application Combines Augmented Reality with Projections

A Microsoft patent filing could solve the HoloLens field of view problem through combination with dynamically adjusting projections. The technology could combine several projectors to create a room scale experience.
ARMark hololens demo screenshot

ARMark Demos Multiplayer Augmented Reality Battle on Microsoft HoloLens

The video features two HoloLens users engaging in a magic battle in a coffee shop while a third records. Though limited in functionality the demo highlights the collaborative features of HoloLens.
Microsoft  October Event

Microsoft Shows Off Virtual and Augmented Reality Ambitions

At its Windows 10 Creators Update event today, the company showed how Windows 10 is now designed to make augmented reality and virtual reality easy to use and accessible.
Pokemon go google reuse

Microsoft´s Satya Nadella Thinks PokéMon Go Will Spike Interest in Augmented Reality and HoloLens

During Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke with CNBC, discussing the release of Pokémon Go last week.
daqri pipes

Daqri is an Industrial Minded HoloLens Inspired Augmented Reality Hat

Microsoft has the augmented reality market sewn up at the moment, but slowly rivals devices to HoloLens are starting to be announced.
Hololens official Microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Available for Pre-Order Today!

Redmond is expected to announce that the developer version of HoloLens is available for pre-order starting February 29th, with the device launching on March 30th.
HoloLens VR Patent

Microsoft Patent Could Settle the Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Debate

While virtual reality and augmented reality are within the same technological sphere, they are different things, which means Microsoft’s HoloLens is different to products such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Apple Reportedly Demoed Mixed Reality Headset Internally, Employees Are Not Impressed

Apple has reportedly already presented its upcoming mixed reality headset but some employees think it lacks purpose.


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