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Apple Launches Universal Control, An Answer to Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders

Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders has been around for years and Apple is now copying the feature with Universal Control.

Microsoft Accidentally Got Shadow Banned from App Store Amid xCloud iOS Scuffle with Apple

While fighting to keep xCloud on the App Store, Microsoft accidentally landed fellow streaming service Shadow in trouble with Apple.

Report: Apple and Google Continue Taking Telemetry Data Even When Users Opt Out

A new academic report shows Apple and Google are taking user device data even if the user chooses not to share telemetry.

30K Apple M1 Macs Targeted by Silver Sparrow Malware

Researchers are unsure the final payload of Silver Sparrow, a malware found on M1 Macs, but suspect it is an adware attack.

Apple MR Headset to Have 8K Screens and Cost $3,000

More information about the Apple VR headset coming in 2022 suggests over 12 cameras and new eye and hand-tracking tech.

Apple Ready to Join the VR Party with Headset Launch in 2022

Apple has been one of the big tech hold outs in the VR space, but that could change in 2022 with the launch of a VR headset.

Apple’s M1 Could Kill the Hackintosh Community

As Apple MacBooks move to the new ARM-based M1 CPU, the community of Hackintosh members could go away forever.

Microsoft Developing Proprietary ARM Chip to Compete with Apple’s M1

A new report suggests Microsoft will develop and Apple M1 rival in the form of an ARM chip for Azure servers and Surface products.

Apple’s M1 ARM Chip Runs Windows 10 Better Than a Surface Pro X

A benchmark comparison between an M1 Mac Mini running Windows 10 on ARM and a Surface Pro X shows up Microsoft’s device.

Microsoft’S Xbox Will Suffer If Epic Games Wins Lawsuit against Apple

A judge linked with Epic Games legal battle with Apple says gaming giants like Microsoft Xbox will face “serious ramifications” if Epic wins.

Windows 10 Could Come to Apple’s M1 MacBook’s despite Early Software Troubles

Apple M1 MacBook’s are facing early software compatibility issues as the company says Windows 10 on ARM support is possible.

Microsoft Edge Is Coming to Apple’s New M1 MacBooks

Microsoft Edge is currently being developed to work with Apple’s M1 chip, the first ARM CPU the company has ever made.

Apple Targets Windows PCs with New M1 Chip for MacBook

As Apple unveiled new MacBook products with the ARM-based M1 chip, the company took a sly dig at Microsoft and Windows PCs.

Microsoft Office Apps Get Trackpad Support on Apple’s iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft has brought trackpad support to Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on iPadOS.

Microsoft Plans Project xCloud on iOS Launch in 2021, Bypassing Apple’s Rules

To overcome restrictions on Apple’s App Store, Microsoft will deliver Project xCloud through a web browser on iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft, Google, Apple Among Tech Giants Denying Child Labor Lawsuit

Microsoft and other tech giants are seeking to dismiss a child labor lawsuit, claiming they have no influence on conditions in DRC mines.

Microsoft Sides with Epic Games in Apple Antitrust Case

Epic Games is suing Apple for monopolizing practices in its App Store that saw Fortnite banned. Microsoft agrees and has spoken out.

Microsoft Blames Apple App Store Practices following Project xCloud Demise on iOS

Microsoft says it removed Project xCloud from iOS because of Apple App Store practices that prevent the platform being available.

Microsoft Ends Project xCloud Testing on iOS Because of Apple Retrictions

Microsoft has ended Project xCloud previews on iOS, with Apple restrictions throwing the future of the service in doubt.

Microsoft’s Brand Smith Tells Congress Apple’s App Store Policies Are Unfair

Speaking before a Congress subcommittee, Microsoft’s Brad Smith claimed Apple’s App Store 30% revenue rule has created a monopoly.