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Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Power C3.ai and Adobe Cloud Experience Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will power C3 AI CRM, a new platform developed with C3.ai and Adobe Cloud Experience for enterprise.

Adobe Patches Severe Flaw in Windows and Mac Versions of Reader and Acrobat

Adobe Patches Severe Flaw in Windows and Mac Versions of Reader and Acrobat
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Microsoft and Adobe Add Intune to Acrobat Reader

A partnership between Microsoft and Adobe has led to the direct integration of Intune in the Acrobat reader apps. On iOS and Android, Intune's...
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Adobe Announces Integration with Microsoft/Accenture Avanade Business

Adobe says it is now collaboration with Avanade, a company shared by Microsoft and Accenture. Adobe Experience Cloud will now integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Brings Long-Awaited Adobe PDF Tool to SharePoint Online

Users of SharePoint Online can now view Acrobat PDF files and edit them without having to download them first.

Adobe Photoshop’s Full-Featured iPad App to Launch in 2019

Adobe Photoshop CC will soon be available on iPad, bringing full functionality to iOS users and cloud syncing. The decision will provide significant competition to the Surface Pro line.
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Microsoft Teams Gets Adobe XD Integration for Prototype Comment Sharing

Microsoft Teams has scored integration with Adobe XD, enabling comment notifications, rich information links, and more.

Adobe PDF Integration Comes to Office 365, Expands Microsoft/Adobe Relationship

The expanding collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe will see Adobe PDF come to Office 365 as part of the wider Document Cloud suite.
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Bing Ads Now Integrated with Adobe Launch for UET Improvements

Adobe and Microsoft announced a collaboration that brings Bing Ads and Adobe Cloud Platform Launch together, bringing more Universal Event Tracking integration.

Adobe Announces Five New Creative Cloud Apps, Including Lightroom

Adobe has updated Lightroom as an entirely new cloud experience, while rebranding the legacy app. At its MAX event, the company also announced XD, Spark, Dimension, and Character Animator.

Microsoft and Adobe Expand Collaboration with Adobe Sign and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft and Adobe are tightening their partnership with Adobe Sign integration in Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft to Reveal Adobe Integration for Microsoft Teams at Build 2017

Next week in Seattle, Adobe developers will elaborate on how they integrated the Creative Cloud and the Document Cloud of the company into Microsoft’s chat-based workspace.
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Microsoft and Adobe to Announce First Set of Joint Solutions for Azure, Power BI...

The two companies will announce the availability of three solutions at the Adobe Summit, today. In addition, they will announce their collaboration on an industry standard to define and unify the language for marketing.
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Microsoft and Adobe Announce Strategic Partnership to Reach Digital Customers

At Ignite 2016, Microsoft and Adobe discussed a new collaboration that will see each adopt services from the other. Adobe will make Azure it preferred cloud platform, while Microsoft will use Marketing Cloud in Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

Microsoft Teams at Build 2021: Collaborative Apps, Integrations, Fluid Chat Components, and More

Microsoft Teams – now used by 145 million people daily – just got more powerful at Build 2021 thanks to a bunch of new features.
Windows 10 How to Open EPUB Files with or without Microsoft Edge

Windows 10: How to Open an EPUB File with Microsoft Edge or an EPUB...

We show you how to open an epub file in Windows 10 with the best compatible ebook reader apps,, in Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

Here Are the Apps You Can’t Use on the Surface Pro X

Users are still trying to work out which apps will and won't run on the Surface Pro X. Here's their progress so far.

Microsoft Teams Achieves Feature Parity with Skype for Business Online as Integration Push Continues

Microsoft Teams now matches Skype for Business Online in terms of features, furthering Microsoft’s slow transition towards a unified work collaboration service.

Microsoft Shows New OneDrive for Web Design

A month after confirming a new design for OneDrive on the web that will transform the file and folders experience and create a uniform UI.

Microsoft Teams Reaches 125,000 Organizations and Gets New Guest Ability

Microsoft Teams continues to grow and Azure Active Directory users can now be included as guests on a team. As well as a status report, Microsoft also introduced support for Botkit and new rival Atlassian.