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The EU’s Privacy Watchdog Is Worried about Google’s Fitbit Acquisition

The European Data Protection Board has raised concerns about Google's plan to acquire wearable-maker Fitbit. The deal, which was confirmed by the search giant...

Spotify Announces Acquisition of SoundBetter

Music streaming giant Spotify has purchased audio promotion platform SoundBetter and will fold it into its Artists division.

Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Online Ad Innovator PromoteIQ

Microsoft has purchased PromoteIQ for an undisclosed amount and will place the company within the Microsoft Advertising platform.
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Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Data Control Solutions Firm BlueTalon

Microsoft has acquired BlueTalon for an undisclosed amount and will use the service to bring more data compliance management to organizations.
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Microsoft Office Gets Virtual Environment Improvements via FSLogix Acquisition

Microsoft is bringing FSLogix containers to Office 365 ProPlus subscribers free of charge, improving performance alongside upgrades to apps like Teams, OneDrive, and Calendar for a better virtualization experience.

Microsoft Continues GitHub Spending Spree with Pull Panda Acquisition

Microsoft's acquisition of Pull Panda will improve GitHub's analytics, reminders, and more for pull requests and code reviews. The app's features will debut on the site soon but will continue to be available separately in the meantime.

GitHub Announces Acquisition of Dependabot Automated Update App

Dependabot is an app that automates dependency updates. GitHub says the tool has been directly integrated into projects.

Microsoft Finalizes $7.5 Billion GitHub Acquisition

Four months after announcing the deal, Microsoft has closed its acquisition of GitHub and confirmed the company will remain independent.

EU Commission Gives the Green Light on Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion GitHub Acquisition

The EU Commission has unconditionally approved Microsoft's GitHub acquisition after an investigation revealed the company has no incentive to change its open source nature.

Adobe XD Leverages Sayspring Acquisition to Develop Voice Support

Adobe XD now lets developers prototype voice applications through a development from the recently acquired Sayspring team.
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European Commission Sets Decision Timeline for Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition

Europe will give its regulatory decision on the GitHub acquisition by October 19, with a green light finalizing the deal.

Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition ‘Inconceivable’ 4 Years Ago, Says Cloud Head Scott Guthrie

Microsoft veteran and cloud head Scott Guthrie has spoken about the company's GitHub acquisition, focus shift, and reshuffle in a sprawling interview.

Facebook Aims for Mixer, YouTube, and Twitch with Vidpresso Acquisition

Through the acquisition of Vidpresso, Facebook hopes to differentiate by bringing interactive features to videos on its network.

Slack Announces HipChat Acquisition as Microsoft Teams Competition Mounts

Slack has acquired the IP of Atlassian's HipChat and Stride, with plans to migrate its user base and provide deeper integration with Trello and Jira. However, it's unclear if the move will be enough to combat Microsoft's generous free Teams offering.
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Developers Still Have Mixed Feelings about Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition

It's been two weeks since Microsoft announced its GitHub acquisition, and developers are still concerned. Despite promises of new features and no ads, competitors are seeing increased traffic.

Microsoft Announces Flipgrid Acquisition, Makes Education Platform Free

Microsoft is purchasing Flipgrid and will refund users of the subscription service, which will now become free for its 20 million users in 180 countries.

Microsoft Announced Four Acquisitions at Xbox E3, Here’s All of Them

At its Xbox E3 event this past weekend, Microsoft announced its completed or future acquisitions of four game developers.

Sharp Aims for PC Return with Toshiba PC Business Acquisition

Foxconn-owned Sharp is targeting a $36 million purchase for 80% of Toshiba’s ailing PC division in a deal expected to close by October.

GitHub Acquisition: Developers Flee to Bitbucket and GitLab after Microsoft Takeover

Users are jumping ship after news of Microsoft's GitHub acquisition, with concerns about the company's influence and shaky history. GitLab has seen a tenfold increase in the number of daily repositories.
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Microsoft Announces $7.5 Billion GitHub Acquisition

A new report suggests Microsoft’s rumoured interest in GitHub has reached an advanced stage and an agreement has been reached for the transaction.