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Xiaoice Microsoft CNN

Microsoft’s Popular Xiaoice Chatbot Becomes Its Own Company

Microsoft has spun Xiaoice off into its own company, which will be led by former Redmond AI executive Harry Shum.
Xiaoice Microsoft CNN

Microsoft’s XiaoIce Chatbot Suspended from WeChat for Alleged Policy Violations

Microsoft's XiaoIce is currently unavailable on WeChat due to policy violations, with many of its users in the dark. It's currently unclear why the bot was removed or if it will return to the platform.

Microsoft to Open Xiaoice Bot’s Full Duplex Capabilities to Developers

Xiaoice's two-way speech abilities are now open to partners and developers, while consumers will receive the ability to craft bespoke 10-minutes stories for their children. The functionality will launch on June 1.
Xiaoice Microsoft CNN

Microsoft’s Xiaoice Chatbot Can Now Control Xaomi Smart Devices

Microsoft has partnered with Xaomi, letting users can utilize its Xaoice AI's written and voice commands to control thermostats and more. The update comes as part of the bot's 5th generation release.
Chat Bot China Microsoft

Microsoft Admits That Its Chinese Xiaoice Chatbot Filters Certain Topics

In a short response issued to Fortune, the company acknowledged there was some filtering regarding the chatbot’s interaction with users.

Some Pixel Users Can Now Make Reservations with Google Duplex

Google Duplex is now active in some U.S. cities, letting users book a restaurant reservation without ever picking up the phone. However, it's unclear how popular the idea will be with affected businesses.
Baidu opens AR Lab

‘Baidu Will Win Again’ Says CEO as Google Reportedly Prepares to Re-Enter China

Baidu CEO Robin Li has questioned Google's chance of success in China as his company dominates the search market and works on AR, autonomous vehicles, and AI.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Micrososft to Share AI Tools with Four Chinese Universities for Market Foothold

Microsoft will bring its AI tools and datasets to four of China's top universities to foster innovation. The move may let it establish a foothold in the local market, but it has significant competition.
The Semantic Machines team

Microsoft Ramps up Conversational AI Efforts with Acqusition of Semantic Machines

With the acquisition of Semantic Machines, Microsoft grabs a number of industry veterans and hopes to spur breakthroughs in conversational AI. The team will establish a new base in Berkeley to work on Cortana and XiaoIce.

Build 2018: Microsoft’s Speech Devices SDK Will Help Detect Voice in Loud Environments

The Speech Devices SDK introduces features like echo and noise cancellation and far-field voice to help create drive thru, car assistant, and other services.
Xiaoice Microsoft CNN

Microsoft’s AI Bots Can Now Predict Pauses and Human Speech Patterns for Improved Conversations

AI bots from Microsoft are receiving a breakthrough in human speech recognition and prediction. The development is heading to some AI now and will eventually reach Cortana.
ruuh ai chatbot

Microsoft Releases Ruuh, an AI Chatbot Geared towards India

Ruuh is an intelligent, english-speaking chatbot that Microsoft expects to be popular with young Indian users. The bot will roll out to other countries as it grows.
China Flag Wikipedia

Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Other Tech Companies Are Repelling China’s Cybersecurity Rules

A new strict cyber security policy sees US tech companies in a stand-off with the Chinese authorities.
Chat Bot China Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xialoce Chinese Chat Bot is Avoiding Controversy

According to a new report, Microsoft has programmed its Xialoce to avoid controversial subjects like Donald Trump and the Dalai Lama to appease ultra-strict Chinese regulators.

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