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Google Chrome 70 Brings Progressive Web Apps to Windows 10

Microsoft work to bridge the app gap on Windows 10 with Progressive Web Apps has gained a boost thanks to support in Google Chrome 70.

Unofficial Google Progressive Web Apps Have Been Removed from the Microsoft Store

While the listings for the Google Progressive Web Apps are stile live the third-party applications are currently unavailable.

Microsoft Confirms Progressive Web Apps Coming to Windows 10 This Spring

Progressive Web Apps for the Microsoft Store will be introduced with Redstone 4, but are not going to replace UWP applications.

Microsoft to Integrate Progressive Web Apps with Windows 10 from Redstone 4

The next major Windows 10 build will introduce Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to PC users after Microsoft worked with Google on development.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Reaches General Availability

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is now available to all developers on .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework for Windows 10.

Google Working on Windows 10 Web Sharing in ChromeOS

Google is leveraging the Web Share API to bring native Windows 10 web sharing to its ChromeOS platform on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s New Blazor WebAssembly App Development Framework Is a Silverlight Replacement

Microsoft last week announced the full release of Blazor WebAssembly, which is billed as a replacement for Silverlight.

Firefox 78 Adds Ability to Run Websites as Apps

Firefox 78 Nightly allows users to install websites and run them like apps using the SSB model instead of PWAs like Google and Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge Beta Now Blocks Dodgy Toolbars and Other Unwanted Apps

Microsoft Edge Beta can now choose to automatically blog the installation of toolbars, adware, and other unwanted programs.

Microsoft Rolls Out WebView2 SDK for Edge

WebView2 is now more widely available and Microsoft says it will update the developer tool through Microsoft Edge to ensure uniformity.

Windows 10 App Gap? Microsoft’s Platform Has 35 Million Apps

However, while Windows 10 apps dwarf iOS and Android’s, the Microsoft Store is still limited, and the total does not reflect how customers use apps.

Microsoft Launches 7 New Progressive Web Applications for Windows 10

Progressive Web Applications allow web-based services to run on Windows 10 like apps. Microsoft has bolstered content availability with 7 new additions.

Windows 10 1803 Comes With Multi-Instance Universal Windows Platform Apps

In a big step forward for the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft is bringing multi-instance app support to Windows 10.
Julie Larson Green official Microsoft

Rumor: Microsoft Makes Ribbon-Inventor Larson-Green Head of Office Apps

According to sources, Julie Larson-Green will replace corporate VP Kirk Koenigsbauer who will take a role inside the unit headed by chief marketing officer Chris Capossela.

Microsoft Edge Now Runs PWAs On Windows 10 and Mac Startup

Users can now configure Microsoft Edge Progressive Web Apps to run on startup, available on Windows 10 and MacOS.

Microsoft Wants Chrome PWAs to Work Like a Native Experience

Microsoft has proposed adding URL Protocol Handler Registration support to Chrome through Progressive Web Apps.

Google Preparing Chrome PWA Badges for Windows 10

With the release of Chrome 70, Windows 10 users will see Badge notifications appear on progressive web apps pinned to the taskbar.

Microsoft Announces Insider Dev Tour 2018, Coming to 41 Cities around the World

The Insider Dev Tour will give participants a look at Microsoft's latest technologies, including Progressive Web Apps, Mixed Reality, AI, and more. It will debut in London on June 1 and will visit different cities throughout the month.

Ignite 2020: Microsoft Debuts Project Nucleus for Offline Cloud Syncing

Project Nucleus will start as a feature for Microsoft Lists, allowing offline work, before branching into other Microsoft services.
How to Open Microsoft Word Documents Without Word

How to Open a Word Document without Microsoft Word – The best Alternatives

Wondering how to open word documents without Word? We analyze several alternatives to open DOC files online or on the desktop.


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