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Nvidia and Mistral AI Introduce Mistral-NeMo Model for Business Desktops

Nvidia and Mistral AI have announced a new language model, Mistral-NeMo, geared towards optimizing AI features on business desktops. Developed with 12 billion parameters...
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Investigation Finds Apple, NVIDIA, Anthropic Used YouTube Transcripts for AI Training

An investigation by Proof News has revealed that Apple, NVIDIA, and Anthropic have been using transcripts from over 173,000 YouTube videos to train their...

NVIDIA’s AI Chip Revenue in China to Hit $12 Billion Despite US Restrictions

Despite facing stern US export restrictions, NVIDIA is forecasting $12 billion in revenue from AI chip sales in China for this year. The data...

French Regulators Target Nvidia for Alleged Anti-Competitive Practices

Nvidia is currently facing allegations of anti-competitive conduct from French antitrust authorities, according to individuals with knowledge of the matter. According to Reuters, the...

Nvidia CEO Addresses AI Chip Market and Future Goals

Jensen Huang says Nvidia could enter long-term supply agreements or prepay for manufacturing capacity.

Samsung Plans GPU Market Entry to Compete with NVIDIA and AMD

Samsung may boost its foundry operations to facilitate GPU manufacturing and is contemplating the creation of its own GPUs targeting mobile devices

Elon Musk Orders Massive Nvidia AI Supercomputer for xAI

The server racks for this supercomputer will be divided between Dell Technologies and Supermicro, with each handling half.

Nvidia Acquires Cloud Infrastructure Firm Shoreline.io for $100 Million

Nvidia has finalized a $100 million deal to acquire Shoreline.io, a software startup led by a former Amazon Web Services executive, as shared by...

Nvidia’s Software Strategy Challenges Big-Tech Partners

Nvidia is pivoting towards software and cloud services, entering a field where it will directly compete with some of its principal customers.
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New NVIDIA Models Generate Synthetic Data for AI Training

The Nemotron-4 340B series is designed to meet the growing demand of training data for next-gen large language models.

Nvidia Breaks AI Performance Records in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks

In the latest MLCommons benchmarks, Nvidia used 11,616 H100 GPUs, its largest deployment yet, to set records in five of nine categories.

Windows Server 2025 Integrates Nvidia GPUs for AI Tasks

In the latest iteration of its server operating system, Windows Server 2025, Microsoft has notably integrated advanced GPU support aimed at bolstering AI functions....

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Key Executives Cash Out Before Stock Split

The sales occurred before a 10-for-1 stock split was implemented after the US markets closed last week.

ByteDance Acquires Nvidia AI Hardware via U.S. Cloud Services

ByteDance employs a workaround to the U.S. prohibition on straight purchases of Nvidia's advanced AI chips by leasing them from cloud providers based in...

Intel’s Xe2 Graphics Pioneers H.266 VVC Decoding, Beating Rivals AMD and Nvidia

Intel says its latest Xe2 graphics architecture marks a major step forward in video decoding capabilities, becoming the first to support VVC (Versatile Video...

Intel Challenges Nvidia with Xeon 6 AI Accelerator and Gaudi 3 Pricing

Intel's sixth-generation Xeon processors are offered in two distinct versions: a high-performance variant and an efficiency-focused model.

Nvidia Unveils Project G AI Game Assistant at Computex 2024

Nvidia has unveiled Project G-Assist, an AI-powered tool designed to offer real-time support to PC gamers. The announcement took place at Computex 2024 and...
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Nvidia Unveils AI-Enhanced Gaming Laptops Reaching Over 1,000 TOPS

According to Nvidia, its GPUs are better suited for heavy AI on-device processing compared to NPUs,

New AMD MI325X AI Accelerator Beats Nvidia´s H200

With 288GB of HBM3e memory, it surpasses Nvidia's H200 and even the anticipated Blackwell chips in capacity.
Massive Text Embedding Benchmark MTEB via Hugging Face

NV-Embed: NVIDIA’s Latest NLP Model Excels in Multiple Benchmarks

The Massive Text Embedding Benchmark (MTEB) was developed to address limitations of text embedding evaluations.

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