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Microsoft Launcher 5.8 with Intune Integration Sees Wide Release

Microsoft Launcher 5.8 is now widely available after a couple of weeks in beta, with a new app install feature and Intune support.

Microsoft Launcher Bug is Leaving 99+ Badge on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Microsoft Launcher users with the new Galaxy Note 10 are receiving a phone app 99+ notifications badge even if there are no actions to take.

Microsoft Launcher 5.8 Beta Lands on Android with Intune Integration

Microsoft has rolled out Microsoft Launcher 5.8 through its beta app with a new automatic icon placement tool.

Microsoft Launchers 5.7 Beta Adds New Cortana to Android

Microsoft Launcher on Android now has the new Cortana experience that recently debuted on the Microsoft Store for Windows.
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Microsoft Launcher 5.6 Beta Arrives with Deeper Teams Integration

The new Microsoft Launcher 5.6 beta allows users to see Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the Calendar card on a feed.

Custom Lock Screen Functionality Could Finally Be Coming to Microsoft Launcher

A status update on Uservoice suggests Microsoft Launcher will soon get custom lock screen functionality, but the feature is yet to appear on beta builds. The feature has been requested for over a year.

Microsoft Launcher Version 5.4 Arrives in Preview

Microsoft Launcher v5.4 adds a cricket widget to the experience, while the app now separates Work and Personal applications.

Microsoft Launcher 5.2 Release Delivers Microsoft Rewards Card and Folder Tweaks to All

Microsoft Launcher 5.2 is finally available to all, bringing important tweaks and a couple of new features.

Microsoft Launcher Beta 5.2 Brings a Rewards Card, Folder Improvements

Microsoft Launcher beta 5.2 makes several important usability adjustments to folders and text size while creating new ways for users to manage their rewards.

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 Arrives with To-Do and Sticky Notes Support

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 has arrived as a bumper new update to close out 2018, including integrations for Sticky Notes and To-Do.

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 Preview Adds Digital Health Feature

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 is previewing a digital health feature like Apple’s iPhone Screen Time. Sticky Notes will also come to Android through this release.

Windows 10’s Cloud Clipboard May Soon Sync to Microsoft Launcher

The Cloud Clipboard from Windows 10's October 2018 update may soon come to Android. Screenshots from Reddit user u/Noam_ha suggest the feature is finally on...

Microsoft Launcher 5 Gains Important Bug Fixes for Android Pie

Microsoft Launcher has received a new update that fixes problems, such as a black screen on some Android Pie devices.

Microsoft Launcher 5.0 Lands with Timeline, Glance, and News for Android

The latest version of Microsoft Launcher for Android adds new features, including Windows 10 Timeline for the first time on Android.

Microsoft Confirms Incoming Fix for Microsoft Launcher Battery Draining Issue

Users have recently received pop-ups warning them Microsoft Launcher is overtaxing batteries. Microsoft says a fix is on its way.

Microsoft Launcher Gains Powerful Timeline, WhatsApp, and News Integrations

At its Surface event, Microsoft Launcher was given a major update that also included a new settings icon and Glance integrations.

Microsoft Launcher Beta Gets Cortana Text Message Dictation and Calendar Improvements

Microsoft Launcher continues to improve with UI and animation enhancements, Cortana additions, and calendar tweaks.

Microsoft Launcher Gets Version 4.12 Update with New Gestures and UI Improvements

Microsoft Launcher 4.12 brings several usability, UI, and customization improvements to the app, as well as some new gestures and parental features.

Microsoft Launcher for Android Receives Version 4.12 Update

Version 4.12 of the Microsoft Launcher is available in beta and brings several new features and usability improvements to the app.

Microsoft Launcher 4.11 Gets Widespread Release with UI Tweaks and Multi-Turn Cortana SMS

Microsoft Launcher 4.11 refines the app further, bringing more features for parents and improvements to Edge, Cortana, and more. The features were previously available to beta users.


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