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Microsoft Warns of Rising Cyberattacks on Industrial IoT Devices

Microsoft reports that 78 percent of industrial networks monitored by Microsoft Defender for IoT possess identifiable vulnerabilities.

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2024 Broadens Device Support and Connectivity

The new version introduces new features like wireless connections and remote projecting.

Connectivity Standards Alliance Sets Global Cybersecurity Benchmark for IoT

New IoT security standard launched to improve smart home gadget security. "Matter" group creates single certification for global market

Azure IoT Central Remains a Key Component of Microsoft’s IoT Strategy

Microsoft clarifies: Azure IoT Central NOT shutting down despite misleading alert. Message sent in error

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Azure IoT Central Service by 2027

Microsoft retires Azure IoT Central in 2027, leaving developers scrambling. Existing applications safe until then, but future projects halted.

Microsoft Delays Launch of IoT Security Offer for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Defender for IoT – EIoT Device License has been delayed until next month as Microsoft cites "unexpected system challenges".

Microsoft Defender for IoT Gets Firmware Analysis against IoT Vulnerabilities

This new feature performs an automated analysis of a binary firmware image running on an IoT device.

Microsoft: Linux Systems and IoT Devices Attacked by Trojanized OpenSSH Campaign

The threat actors initiate the attack by attempting to brute force various credentials on misconfigured internet-facing Linux devices.

Microsoft Windows IoT Gets NXP BSP on i.MX Chips for Commercial

Windows 10 IoT Core now has full support for BSP i.MX system on a chip platforms from NXP, adding to open source capabilities.

Mirai Botnet Variant Vg34 Attacks IoT Devices through Multiple Exploits

Threat Actors spent much of 2022 trying to enter IoT systems by using a new Miari V3G4 botnet variant to exploit multiple vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Defender for IoT Research Finds New Form of Zerobot Threat

Microsoft Defender for IoT researchers say that Zerobot 1.1 is an evolution of the botnet with new attack capabilities.

Microsoft Defender for IoT Arrives as a New Enterprise Security Suite

Microsoft Defender for IoT provides automatic scanning and security recommendations for businesses using IoT devices.

Linux “Symbiote” Malware Is Almost Impossible to Detect

Symbiote is a new Linux malware that has previously unseen attack properties and is extremely evasive and hard to detect.

Unpatched DNS Flaw in uClibc Library Leaves Millions of IoT Devices Vulnerable

Researchers say the popular C standard library uClibc has a significant flaw that allows DNS attacks on potentially millions of devices.

Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT Has 5 Bugs with Severity Score of 10

There are five severe vulnerabilities in Azure Defender for IoT that Microsoft has fixed but users need to update to get protection.

Microsoft Releases Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is now available with support for GUI application. However, this is not the LTSC release, which will stay on Windows 10.

Microsoft Acquires ReFirm Labs to Bolster Azure IoT Firmware Security

Microsoft has acquired ReFrim Labs and will fold the company’s Binwalk firmware security into Azure Defender for IoT.

Ransomware, Zero-Day, IoT, and Connected Car Attacks All on the Threatscape Horizon in 2021

A new report details some of the expected major cyber threats in 2021, some of which are already a problem and others that are new.
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Microsoft Has Acquired CyberX to Bolster IoT Security

Microsoft has purchased CyberX, a startup that develops an IoT cybersecurity platform used across several industries.

Microsoft Promises Array of Windows IoT Features Ahead of Platform Merger

Microsoft will merge Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise in 2021 and has many tools planned for release this year.

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