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Microsoft Announces Beam Interactive 2.0 SDK at GDC 2017

At the game developers conference Microsoft said Beam Interactive 2.0 SDK will arrive this month and new features will be added throughout the year.
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Microsoft Talks Windows 10 Game Mode, but Do PC Gamers Need Xbox One?

Microsoft used GDC 2017 to discuss some details of Windows 10 Game Mode. As predicted the feature will boost performance by dedicating resources in a machine’s GPU and CPU. However, is Microsoft’s plan to bridge Xbox One and PC gaming something gamers are asking for?
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Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Creators Program

At GDC 2017, Microsoft unveiled a new open platform called the Xbox Live Creators Program. The system lets indie developers publish their titles to the Windows Store for Xbox One and Windows 10.
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Intel Announces Vulkan Support for Windows 10 PCs

Vulkan support is now available on Intel chips in the Kaby Lake, Skylake, and Apollo Lake families. The availability means Windows 10 PCs will be better equipped for intensive gaming and virtual reality.

Google Announces Stadia: An All-in-One Game Streaming and Community Interaction Platform

Google Stadia will be available on PC, mobile, tablet, and laptop, bringing game streaming with cross-platform support, game state sharing, high-fidelity local split-screen, and more.

Microsoft Brings Xbox Live SDK to Android and iOS

Developers can now work Xbox Live into their games on Android and iOS as Microsoft ramps up preparation for Project xCloud.
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Microsoft Faces Lawsuit over Unpaid HoloLens Events Bills

Seattle modeling agency Genesis Industries accuses Microsoft of failing to pay hired models used for HoloLens events during 2015. HoloLens program manager Jonathan Plumb is accused of sexual harassment.
Windows Holographic renamed to Windows Mixed Reality, dev kits to start shipping this month

Microsoft to Start Shipping Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kits This Month

The company announced the news at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and seems to have renamed Windows Holographic to Windows Mixed Reality.
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Microsoft Will Ship Developer Versions of Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headsets in March

The company will start selling headsets to developers to coincide with the Game Developers Conference. The Windows 10 Holographic Shell powered devices will be tethered and mix aspects of augmented and virtual reality.
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Microsoft Betting on HDR Screens and DirectX 12

Microsoft has already shown that it is committed to DirectX 12, using the API for gaming on Windows, but the company does admit there is a way to go before it is as good as it can be.

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