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Block Momentum Microsoft Official

CNTK 1.5: Microsoft Announces Language and Feature Enhancements for Its AI Toolkit

With CNTK 1.5, Microsoft is bringing a parallel processing technique called Block Momentum that improves scalability across multiple GPUs and machines, while maintaining accuracy....

Microsoft Gives OpenStreetMap Community 124 Million AI-Discovered US Building Footprints

Microsoft has released millions of building footprints determined by a neural network as OpenStreetMap data, with accuracy comparable to those manually created by humans.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Releases ML.NET, a Proven Cross-Platform Machine Learning Framework

ML.NET looks to bring machine learning to developers with no prior experience, supporting scenarios like categorization and regression. The open-source framework also plans to support TensorFlow, CNTK, and more.

1.3 Tbps DDoS Attack Takes GitHub Offline for Just 10 Minutes

GitHub has been hit by largest DDoS attack ever, with peaks of 1.35TB. Thanks to Akamai's software, it was able to mitigate the attack much faster than traditional efforts.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform: Full Details of Game-Changing SoC

Qualcomm has published full details on the recently announced Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, suggesting a SoC that will change the mobile landscape.

Microsoft Announces Brainwave Cloud FPGA System for Real-Time AI

Brainwave is a field programmable gate array (FPGA) system that offers record-breaking deep learning capabilities for cloud solutions.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Screenshot YouTube

The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 Is Now Generally Available with Keras Support

The general available of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 adds a number of new features, including Java language bindings for model evaulation, Keras support, performance improvements, and more.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Screenshot YouTube

Microsoft Makes Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 Widely Available

After running Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 in beta for several months, Microsoft has now introduced the new version to all customers. This build adds Python and C++ support and hundreds of other changes.

Microsoft’s DeepCoder Uses AI to Search and Learn Code to Solve Programming Challenges

DeepCoder is a project by Microsoft Research and the University of Cambridge. The tool automates code search to find the best strands to combine and solve problems. It removes mundane coding tasks from humans and learns as it progresses.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: We Want AI to Make Workers More Effective, Not Replace...

Satya Nadella has acknowledged the danger of AI to the job market, advising businesses to build AI intelligently into software and services. He believes the next two years will be essential in creating an open environment for artificial intelligence.
sql server  wiki commons

Microsoft Brings Python Language Update to SQL Server

A new SQL Server update focuses on the Pyodbc module and brings enhancements to developers using Python. Among the changes are official customer support and Jupyter Notebooks availability.
Azure cloud official Microsoft

Microsoft: Azure NC and Azure NV VMs Generally Available From December 1

Azure NC and Azure NV are a part of Microsoft’s new N-Series powered by the Nvidia Tesla range of GPUs. The company has been previewing the virtual machines since August.
OpenAI YouTube Screenshot

Microsoft Partners with OpenAI to Expand Cloud AI

A collaboration with nonprofit company OpenAI gives Microsoft access to robotics and experts to expand its AI output. OpenAI will also adopt Azure as its “preferred” cloud service.
Nvidia Microsoft Collaboration Nvidia Official

Microsoft Collaborates with Nvidia to Improve Computer Learning Through Cognitive Toolkit

Using Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Nvidia has developed a first of its kind framework that improves deep learning on GPU systems and Azure.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Screenshot YouTube

Microsoft Releases Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 Beta with Python 3 and and C++ Support

Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 is the first major update since it's name change and adds support for several new languages, as well as performance improvements.
Xuedong Huang Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Speech Recognition Can Now Understand Conversation as well as Humans

Microsoft's speech recognition technology now has an error rate of 5.6%, the same as a professional transcriptionist, and way ahead of the competition.
GitHub octoverse screenshot

Microsoft Now Has the Most Open Source Contributors on GitHub, Ahead of Google and...

GitHub's Octoverse 2016 reveals that Microsoft has the most open source contributors on the entire platform, their V S Code repository the sixth most popular on the site.
Xuedong Huang Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Speech Recognition Scores Lowest Error Rate Ever in Study

Tests by Microsoft's researchers reveal a speech recognition error rate as low as 6.3%, the company's best ever, and also the lowest in their sector as a whole.
Open Mind Slide Official

Microsoft Announces Open Mind, a Visual Studio-like Tool for Machine Learning

The new machine learning suite will utilize CNTK, as well as other deep learning frameworks such as Caffe and Torch, and Microsoft's SCOPE and ChaNa.
Yahoo Tumblr Official

CaffeOnSpark: After Microsoft, Facebook and Google also Yahoo Open Sources Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

The web giant is just the latest tech entity to show off its open source AI engine, with Flickr benefitting from CaffeOnSpark’s learning ability.

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