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US Government Announces Up to $15M Bounty for Information on LockBit Ransomware Affiliates

The US offers $15 million for info on LockBit ransomware gang, marking a major step against cybercrime.

Microsoft Announces Bounty Incentives for Defender Security Flaws

Microsoft launches a new bounty program to incentivize security researchers to find vulnerabilities in its Defender security suite. Rewards range from $500 to $20,000.

Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program for Bing AI Services

Microsoft's Bug Bounty Program encourages global developers and security researchers to find and fix software bugs, offering compensation for their contributions.

Microsoft Opens Bing Chat Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft has introduced a bug bounty program for Bing, including the new Bing Chat AI, to help catch vulnerabilities early.
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OpenAI Opens ChatGPT $20,000 Bounty Program to Find Bugs in the Popular Chatbot

OpenAI has introduced a $20,000 bug bounty program for ChatGPT, challenging people to find bugs in the popular chatbot AI.

Microsoft Bounty Program: Bigger Rewards for Bugs Affecting Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Dynamics

A new Microsoft Bounty scenario-based rewards offers tiered specific rewards for high-impact flaws in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics.

Microsoft Teams Gets Bounty Program with Rewards up to $30,000

Microsoft Teams now has a bounty program that rewards security researchers if they can find an demonstrate vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Revamps Windows Insider Preview Bug Bounty Program

Security researchers can now get up to $100,000 for finding flaws through the Windows Insider Preview Bug Bounty Program.

Microsoft Bounty Program Improvement: Now Pays More, Pays Faster

The Microsoft Bounty Program now rewards $50,000 for successful exploits and Microsoft says payments will now be issued faster.

GitHub Raises Bug Bounty Rewards While Relaxing Legal Risks

Security researchers hunting for bugs on GitHub will now receive better rewards, while the company has created a Legal Safe Harbor for reporting.
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Microsoft Offers up to $20,000 in Azure DevOps Bug Bounty Program

The Azure DevOps security team is offering significant rewards to eligible RCE, information disclosure, DoS, tampering, spoofing, and EoP bugs.
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Microsoft’s New Identity Bounty Program Offers $100,000 for Vulnerabilities in Identity Services

A new Identity Bounty Program rewards security researchers who uncover vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s services and send private details to the company.

Microsoft Offers $250,000 Bug Bounty for Meltdown and Spectre-like CPU Flaws

Microsoft will offer security researchers up to $250,000 for bugs in the same class as Meltdown and Spectre, and up to $200,000 for similar vulnerabilities in its Hyper-V virtualization software.
Microsoft Edge Windows  Microsoft Official

Microsoft Edge Is Now a Permanent Member of the Bug Bounty Program, with Rewards...

The Microsoft Edge bug bounty program gives rewards for remote code executions and other security issues on a sliding scale depending on the severity. Microsoft has spent $200,000 on bounties so far, and will likely spend far more in the future.
Mirosoft Teams Microsoft Office Official

Microsoft Launches Office Insider Program Bug Bounty

Office Insider Program members can now receive rewards of between $500 and $15,000 for finding vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Office suite.
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Microsoft Offering $30,000 Bug Bounty Reward for Office 365 Flaw Submissions

The company has doubled the minimum and maximum pay-outs of its Bug Bounty program for Office 365. Researcher can now receive up to $30,000 for finding vulnerabilities across several Office 365 online services.
Edge Browser Microsoft

Microsoft Expands Bug Bounty Program for Edge Insider Preview

Microsoft's bug bounty program now extends to violations in W3C standards, including Same Origin Policy bypass and Referer Spoofing.
NET Microsoft Official

Microsoft Starts Bug Bounty For .NET Core and ASP. NET Core Platforms

The latest bug bounty will give users who find critical problems in the cross platform server app development tools a reward. Like other similar programs, Microsoft is offering between $500 and $15,000.
Microsoft Edge Windows  Microsoft Official

Microsoft Bounty Rewards Users Who Find Edge Browser Preview Remotely-Exploitable Bugs

Windows Insiders running preview build of the Edge browser can be awarded between $500 and $15,000 for finding remote-exploitable bugs and reporting them to Microsoft.

Billion-Dollar Startup Replit Launches AI-Driven Developer Collaboration Platform

Replit launched a new AI tool for developers to collaborate and write code. Their AI acts like an editor suggesting fixes and improvements in real-time.

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