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Samsung Introduces Galaxy Ring with Health and Fitness Capabilities

Samsung has unveiled Galaxy Ring, a new health and fitness tracker with optical heart rate monitor, and more for the "ouch" price of $399.


At its Unpacked event, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Ring, a fresh addition to its wearable technology portfolio aimed at health and fitness monitoring. This ring positions itself as an alternative to the Oura Ring Gen-3.

Design and Specifications

Starting at $399, the Galaxy Ring is available in black, silver, and gold. The ring comes in nine sizes, varying from 2.3g to 3.0g in weight depending on the size chosen. With a battery life lasting up to seven days on a single charge, it is also rated IP68 for water resistance, making it submersible for up to 30 minutes.

Key features include an optical heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, skin temperature sensor, and accelerometer. These sensors send data to the Health app using Bluetooth.

Health and Fitness Tracking

This device offers various health and fitness tracking capabilities. Utilizing a PPG sensor for heart rate, an accelerometer for tracking movement, and skin temperature readings, the ring compiles this information in the Samsung Health app. The ring's Energy Score aggregates data on sleep, activities, and workouts, providing detailed health insights.

Integrating with Natural Cycles technology, the Galaxy Ring provides period tracking without additional subscription fees, unlike the Oura Ring. While it covers period prediction at no extra cost, it does not support fertility planning or contraception, features available in the full Natural Cycles app.

Workout and AI-Driven Insights

The ring comes with automatic exercise detection and tracks everyday activities, syncing this information with the Samsung Health app. This app then provides personalized AI-driven insights such as recovery guidance, daily activity tips, and nutrition advice. Notably, users cannot start workouts manually on the ring.

Initial impressions suggest the Galaxy Ring may be a strong contender in the smart ring segment, challenging the market share held by the Oura Ring. However, comprehensive analysis will require further hands-on testing. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Ring commenced on July 10 in the US, with general availability beginning on July 24.

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