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Microsoft Introduces Python Editor in Excel for Beta Users

Microsoft's Python Editor is now available directly in Excel for Beta testers, adding a dedicated coding space within the UI.


has introduced a Python Editor within Excel, exclusively for individuals enrolled in the Microsoft 365 Insider program's Beta channel. This new feature, transitioning from a previously optional Excel Labs add-in, is now part of the Microsoft Excel core interface. Users can find this feature in the Formulas tab, accessible via a new Editor icon next to the Insert icon.

Enhanced User Interface and Features

The Python Editor in Excel maintains a user-friendly design similar to its original form. This tool allows users to handle Python cells in their spreadsheets much like Jupyter notebook code cells. Users can edit, run, and view outputs, which are displayed directly within the spreadsheet.

It accommodates various output formats, such as plain text, numeric data, visualizations, and DataFrames. Additional functionalities like Intellisense, syntax highlighting, and function assistance are provided to streamline coding within Excel. This enhanced workspace lets users manage larger code blocks more effectively.Python-Editor-Excel-Action-Microsoft

Functionality and User Experience

This integration allows each Python cell to act as a code cell, enabling in-place code editing and execution. Outputs are displayed natively within the spreadsheet, supporting a wide range of data types and visual presentations. The editor incorporates Intellisense and syntax highlighting to assist users in writing and troubleshooting Python scripts. Additionally, users have the option to draft code and decide when to integrate it into the spreadsheet, providing enhanced control over their projects.

Current Availability and Future Prospects

Currently, the Python Editor is accessible to Insider Beta users. Those not part of the Insider program can still access it as an add-in via Excel Labs. No timeline has been announced for its general release to all Windows users. The initial support for using Python in Excel began in June for Enterprise, Business, Education, and Family and Personal users on Windows Current Channel (Preview) builds under Version 2406 (Build 17726.20016).

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