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Teams Rooms on Windows Updated with Copilot Speaker Recognition

Microsoft's Copilot is enhancing Teams Rooms by bringing AI-powered speaker recognition for real-time transcriptions.


has rolled out an upgrade for its Teams Rooms on Windows, featuring Copilot speaker recognition. This new capability eliminates the necessity for specialized microphones by recognizing individual speakers during meeting transcriptions, thereby aiming to enhance the meeting experience.

Enhanced Vocal Analysis

Through speaker recognition, the system analyzes vocal elements such as pitch, tone, and speaking style to generate a unique “voiceprint” for every participant. This technology not only identifies who is speaking in real-time transcriptions but also minimizes background noise, thus improving audio clarity for all attendees.

Participants now have the option to create digital voice profiles, allowing Teams Rooms to accurately identify speakers during meetings. The Copilot intelligent recap feature tags each participant's contributions in transcripts and summaries, and action items are assigned to specific individuals.

Ensuring privacy and security, Microsoft encrypts voice and face data during transfer and storage, complies with GDPR regulations, and upholds its security standards. Users can opt out of their profiles any time, with the system automatically deleting the data if a Teams account remains inactive for a year or is deleted.

Upcoming Expansion

The voice recognition feature will soon extend to Teams desktop apps, enabling employees to use it across their personal devices. Additionally, Teams Rooms on will incorporate this technology in 2025, expanding the reach of Copilot speaker recognition. This update considerably enhances the utility of Teams Rooms, facilitating more manageable and accurate meeting transcriptions without needing additional hardware.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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