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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri: No Plans for Longform Video

While rivals such as TikTok are embracing long-form videos, Instagram will continue to cap its videos at 10 minutes.


Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, has stated that the platform will concentrate on short video content, pushing aside any intentions to expand into longer video formats. 's main goal continues to be connecting friends and sparking users' interests.

Reasons for the Approach

Mosseri, through a video on Instagram, clarified that content surpassing 10 minutes, similar to TV shows, doesn't align with the platform's objectives. He pointed out that longer videos decrease the likelihood of users seeing updates from their friends, leading to lower interaction rates. Given this, Instagram won't be focusing on longform video.

Instagram's stance on video content has adapted over the years. IGTV, launched in 2018 for extended videos, was phased out by 2022. This is in contrast to TikTok, which now permits videos up to an hour long. Mosseri's comments highlight Instagram's distinct trajectory, emphasizing short videos to enhance engagement and user connection.

Detailed Insights from Mosseri

Explaining further, Mosseri mentioned that short videos fit better with Instagram's goals, driving users to share and connect. Examples include sharing a humorous clip or a sports highlight with friends of similar interests. On the other hand, long videos don't promote the same level of interaction and sharing. Mosseri also welcomed user feedback on this strategy, recognizing there might be differing opinions.

Mosseri noted that long-form videos undermine Instagram's goals by reducing visibility of friends' content and lowering interaction rates. While acknowledging that not every short video perfectly aligns with Instagram's core mission, he underscored the platform's dedication to short-form content that promotes user connections.

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