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Spotify Introduces Comment Section for Podcasts

Creators on Spotify will initially be give full control of the comments section of their podcasts, including the ability to hide them.


Adding to its suite of engagement tools, Spotify has launched the ability for users to comment on podcast episodes. This feature is designed to enhance listener interaction, complementing the existing polls and Q&A functionalities for podcasters.

Initially, comments are set to be private, with podcasters needing to approve them for public visibility. Podcast creators can decide whether to enable comments for their entire show, specific episodes, or opt-out completely.

Gradual Rollout

According to Spotify, the feature will be rolled out in stages. Podcasters can manage comments via the Spotify for Podcasters web app, with an updated mobile app soon to follow. For listeners, the commenting function will become accessible in most markets during this phased rollout.

The commenting capability is intended to foster deeper interaction between podcasters and their audience. By allowing comments, creators can directly engage with listeners, building a more interactive and community-oriented environment. This update is part of Spotify's strategy to offer comprehensive engagement tools for podcasters.

How to Access the Comments

Listeners can find the comment section by scrolling past the play controls or visiting the episode page after playback. Creators have full discretion over which comments are made public, with options to publish or unpublish responses. They can also choose to enable comments on specific episodes or disable them entirely if preferred.

All creators, regardless of hosting platform, can manage comments through the updated Spotify for Podcasters app. Those not hosted by Spotify must first claim their show via the app. Besides managing comments, creators will get notifications for new comments, milestones, and insights into audience engagement and analytics.

Impact on User Interaction

Data from Spotify shows that users who interact with features like Q&As and polls are four times more likely to revisit a show within 30 days. Additionally, these users spend twice as many hours per month listening to podcasts compared to those who don't use these interactive options. Spotify aims to further enhance platform interactivity, with more updates expected later this year based on feedback from users and podcasters.

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