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Notepad for Windows 11 Gets Spellcheck, Autocorrect Features

Spellcheck and autocorrect for Windows Notepad is moving from testing and is now widely available on the text editing app.


is expanding the capabilities of its traditional Notepad application for by including spellchecking and autocorrect functionalities. This marks a departure from its relatively unchanged format since its inception in 1983. Microsoft initially introduced the feature in March, and it has been in testing since. Now, the capability is coming to all users. 

Improving User Experience

The new spellcheck and autocorrect features aim to improve productivity by flagging and correcting spelling mistakes. The updates, enabled by default, underline misspelled words in red, akin to the spellcheck options in Microsoft Word and the Edge browser. However, Notepad differs by necessitating an extra click to access spelling suggestions on right-click.

Users can adjust these new features in the settings menu, providing the flexibility to deactivate spellcheck and autocorrect or to set preferences based on file types. This permits certain file extensions, like .md, .srt, .lrc, or .lic, to be untouched by spellchecking, catering to users handling specialized text files.

Historical Perspective

First introduced in 1983 as Multi-Tool Notepad, the application has seen scant updates over its lifespan, with spellcheck first appearing in Microsoft Word in 1985. Significant updates to Notepad were sporadic, the most noteworthy changes coming with , which added functionalities such as wrap-around find/replace, text zoom, and line numbers along with word-wrap. Windows 11 built on this, incorporating features like dark mode, auto-save, session restore, and tabbed browsing.

The introduction of spellcheck and autocorrect aligns with Microsoft's strategy to modernize its suite of core tools. As the company transitions away from WordPad, which lacked spellcheck, users are guided towards either Notepad or Microsoft Word for text editing. The enhancements in Notepad are designed to appeal to users seeking a straightforward text editor with advanced capabilities.

In addition to spellcheck and autocorrect, Notepad also includes a character count, dark mode, tabs, and features like a virtual fidget spinner. These changes reflect Microsoft's ongoing commitment to making its software more relevant and user-friendly. The addition of Copilot, an AI-powered assistant, further extends Notepad's text editing capabilities.

SourceThe Verge
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