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Apple Watch Series 10 Could Launch Without Key Health Updates

The Apple Watch Series 10 and Ultra 3 could ship without key health enhancements Apple announced at WWDC 2024.


The upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 will introduce larger screens along with a more streamlined profile. However, the new could miss out on new health-related at launch. As reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the new iterations, internally referred to as N217 and N218, will feature displays nearly matching the 1.93-inch screen on the Watch Ultra, but in a slimmer format.

Processor and AI Capabilities

The Series 10 and the Ultra 3 will incorporate an upgraded processor designed to enhance overall performance and support forthcoming software updates. Although this processor will improve efficiency, Apple has no current plans to fully integrate AI capabilities into these watches.

Promised health functionalities like blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection will not be available at launch. At , Apple introduced watchOS 11 with enhanced fitness and health tracking features. While these features will come to the Apple Watch Series 10, there will be some delays. 

According to Gurman, the delay stems from the unreliability of Apple's blood pressure technology. When launched, the feature will monitor trends instead of delivering exact readings, akin to the existing body temperature functionality.

Sleep Apnea Detection Challenge

The sleep apnea detection feature, which relies on blood oxygen saturation, encounters additional obstacles. An import ban enacted by the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the U.S. has further delayed the rollout of this feature, creating added complexity.

Despite these delays, Apple remains committed to enhancing health monitoring on its devices. The company emphasizes the importance of accuracy and reliability, ensuring all new features meet stringent standards before release. Design and performance improvements in the Apple Watch Series 10 set the stage for future updates incorporating the postponed health features.

Ambitious Health Goals

Apple is also working on integrating glucose monitoring, though it is not expected with the Series 10 launch. This feature, which has been under development for nearly a decade due to the complexity of non-invasive glucose measurement, has recently seen substantial progress, signaling potential future inclusion.

Apple's latest wearable technology adapts and evolves by balancing design improvements with the quest for better health monitoring capabilities. Though certain health features are delayed, the Apple Watch Series 10 aims to offer enhanced performance and aesthetics, paving the way for eventual health functionality updates.

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