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Apple to Beta Test Siri’s New ChatGPT Features in Early 2025

While iOS 18 will ship this fall, Siri's integration with ChatGPT won't enter testing until January, with a public launch in spring 2025.


is set to upgrade its Siri voice assistant by integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT and revamping its user . The enhancements will be part of the iOS 18 release planned for this autumn. However, the Siri upgrades will not ship with iOS 18, according to Bloomberg, with Apple eyeing a Spring 2025 launch window. 

Enhancements in Contextual Understanding

With the upcoming update, Siri will gain improved capabilities, allowing it to execute more complex tasks by directly accessing iOS applications. This will enable actions like editing a photo and sending it to a contact directly through voice commands. Siri will also become more adept at understanding the context of what is on the screen, significantly improving user interactions.

Advanced features of Siri will be available for developer testing starting in January 2025, with an expected public release in spring 2025 as part of .4. This phased rollout is intended to give developers sufficient time to integrate and test these new capabilities.

Market Developments and Comparisons

Apple's enhancements to Siri come at a time when is also advancing its Alexa assistant. In September 2023, Amazon revealed a new version of Alexa powered by an AI Large Language Model (LLM). Reports suggest Amazon may launch this updated Alexa in September, potentially as part of a subscription service costing between $5 and $10 monthly.

User and Market Impact

Incorporating AI technologies like into Siri marks a step forward for , potentially transforming user interactions with their devices. By enabling more direct and context-aware commands, Siri is poised to become a more efficient tool for everyday tasks and productivity. Apple has not yet confirmed whether it will adopt a subscription model similar to Amazon for Siri's new AI features. 

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