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ElevenLabs Unveils Free AI Voice Isolator for Content Creators

AI Voice Isolator aims to remove background sounds from various forms of content such as films, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


ElevenLabs has released Voice Isolator, a new AI based tool designed to aid by filtering out unnecessary ambient noise from audio recordings. This new feature integrates with the ElevenLabs platform and comes at no cost, although it does have certain usage restrictions.

Voice Tool for Content Creators

The ElevenLabs AI Voice Isolator aims to remove background sounds from various forms of content such as films, podcasts, and videos. This is particularly helpful for creators without access to professional recording equipment. By uploading their audio to the ElevenLabs platform, users can utilize AI models to analyze and clean up the sound, leading to clearer dialogue.

The company claims its tool can achieve speech clarity that matches studio recordings. During a demonstration by Ammaar Reshi, the company's design lead, the tool effectively eliminated the noise of a leaf blower, resulting in clear speech.

Performance and Limitations

In trials conducted by ElevenLabs, the AI Voice Isolator was able to remove various noises including doors opening, table banging, clapping, and household items being moved. However, the tool had difficulty filtering out sounds like wall banging and finger snapping. Sam Sklar, who oversees growth at the company, noted that while the tool doesn't currently work on vocals, users are encouraged to test its capabilities.

The AI Voice Isolator is currently available exclusively on the ElevenLabs platform, with API access expected to be introduced in the coming weeks. The specific release date for the API is not yet confirmed. Users can use the tool for free with a limit of 10 minutes of audio per month, with paid plans starting at $5 per month for additional usage.

Similar Tools

Several companies already offer similar functionality, such as Adobe's “Enhance speech” feature available in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Podcast, CapCut's noise reduction tool, and Descript's all-in-one platform for podcast creation and editing.

By adding voice isolation capabilities to its platform, ElevenLabs aims to reduce the need for users to rely on third-party solutions, potentially streamlining workflows for content creators already using its other voice AI products.

Recent Updates from ElevenLabs

In May, ElevenLabs introduced an AI model that converts text into song lyrics, enhancing the integration of artificial intelligence with music creation. The model is designed to assist artists and producers and encourage user participation in music creation. A few weeks later, an AI-driven tool that transforms text into sound effects followed.

Last week, ElevenLabs entered into agreements with the estates of famous deceased celebrities to utilize their voices for audiobook narration. Voices of notable figures like Judy Garland, James Dean, and Burt Reynolds will be a part of the new Reader app, an AI platform converting various text formats into voice-overs.

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