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YouTube Introduces AI Tool for Copyrighted Music Removal

By targeting only copyrighted music, an AI algorithm ensures other audio components remain unchanged, preserving the video's overall quality.


has rolled out an AI-driven Erase Song feature designed to let eliminate copyrighted from their videos without affecting the rest of the audio. The tool aims to enable compliance with copyright laws while maintaining audio integrity.

AI-Powered Music Removal

Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief, revealed the “Erase Song” feature on X. The new tool uses an advanced AI algorithm to detect and remove copyrighted music accurately, leaving dialogues and sound effects intact. It shows significant improvement over earlier versions that often lacked precision.

According to YouTube, Erase Song has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness. The updated version offers creators a reliable solution for managing copyright claims. By targeting only copyrighted music, the AI algorithm ensures other audio components remain unchanged, preserving the video's overall quality.

YouTube also provides a “Mute all sound in the claimed segments” feature, offering a flexible way to manage specific parts of videos containing copyrighted material. It is an alternative option for creators dealing with intricate audio compositions.

As YouTube's support page about the music removal tool mentions, it might not always succeed in complex audio scenarios. In such cases, creators are recommended to either mute all the sound within the claimed segments or trim those segments entirely to ensure the copyright claim is resolved.

The YouTube Content ID System

YouTube's content ID system flags copyrighted materials automatically. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches. Content owners have the choice to have matching content blocked or to monetize it. The system began to be implemented around 2007.

The new Erase Song feature is part of the YouTube Content ID System. Once the copyrighted music is removed using the new tool, the system will clear the claim, enabling creators to monetize their videos without violating copyright laws.

Beyond the new eraser tool, YouTube continues to add features to support its creators. Recently, a new feature was launched allowing creators to test multiple video thumbnails, aiming to optimize video performance and user engagement.

AI Content Removal Requests

Recently, YouTube also updated its privacy policy to allow individuals to request the removal of AI-generated media that replicates their image or voice. Under the revamped policy, people can seek the removal of AI-generated media that misuses their likeness. These removal requests need to be filed by the individuals themselves, with certain exceptions for minors, deceased persons, and those unable to access a computer.

In March, YouTube added an option in Creator Studio for creators to indicate whether their content includes altered or synthetic media. More recently, the company has been testing a feature allowing users to add crowdsourced notes to videos, providing context about whether the content is parody or potentially misleading.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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