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Threads Reaches 175 Million Users, Adds New Features

A year after its launch, Threads has continued consistent growth to become an important competitor of X, and Meta plans more updates.


Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Meta's social network, Threads, now serves 175 million active users monthly. Launched on July 5, 2023, aims to challenge , which has since rebranded to X. The swift user adoption rate highlights the platform's increasing traction.

Initially available as a text-centric app for Android and iOS, Threads extended its reach by rolling out a desktop version and allowing dedicated account management separate from . Meta also released a Windows 10 and 11 app, broadening accessibility for users.

Interaction and Content Trends

Data from Meta shows that 63 percent of posts on Threads are text-based, while 25 percent include images. Users have generated over 50 million tags, with PhotographyThreads, BookThreads, and GymThreads among the most popular.

Threads' inception was a direct counter to Twitter (now X), following public dissatisfaction with Elon Musk's management. Shortly after launch, Twitter accused Meta of hiring its former employees and potentially using proprietary information. Despite the accusations, no legal proceedings have followed.

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Engagement Dynamics

Threads broke records by quickly amassing 100 million users, faster than any app before it. Although there was a temporary dip in user activity, the platform is now seeing renewed growth. Meta received some backlash for its default setting that hides political content from users who do not follow specific accounts.

In its first year, Threads has introduced several new features, including trending topics, a desktop web app, and a chronological feed for followers. Adam Mosseri, who leads Threads, highlighted ongoing improvements and emphasized that the platform is designed for sharing ideas and current events commentary.

Future Direction

Threads' development team has consistently rolled out updates. Future plans include making Threads increasingly independent from Instagram, introducing standalone accounts, and integrating with the broader decentralized web or fediverse. These goals remain complex but are in progress. Mosseri also suggested that users engage through replies to increase their platform presence.

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