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Proton Drive Adds End-to-End Encrypted Document Editing Tools

Swiss privacy company Proton has launched document editing tools within its encrypted cloud storage, Proton Drive.


Proton, a Swiss company specializing in privacy-focused products, has launched new tools for creating, editing, and collaborating on documents within its end-to-end encrypted cloud service, Proton Drive. This addition aims to serve as an alternative to widely used document editors such as Google Docs.

Proton AG is a Swiss technology company known for its privacy-focused online services. Founded by scientists at CERN, they offer products like Proton Mail (encrypted email) and Proton VPN (secure virtual private network). The focus of the company is on and .

Focus on Enhanced Privacy

Since its launch in September 2022, Proton Drive has continued to prioritize strong security measures, now extending these to document collaboration. The service's zero-knowledge framework ensures Proton cannot access due to its lack of encryption keys. This presents a privacy-centric approach that differs markedly from data-reliant models like Google's.

The company confirmed that “Docs offers the same level of encryption as Proton Drive,” meaning that all document edits, keystrokes, and file metadata are safeguarded by end-to-end encryption (E2EE). The implementation of these features involved sophisticated key exchanges and synchronization protocols, setting Proton apart in secure collaboration solutions.

Functionalities and Integration

Proton Drive now includes a wide array of document features such as markdown, rich-text support, code blocks, checklists, and image embedding. It supports file formats like .docx and allows for collaborative functionalities, including adding comments, resolving feedback, and real-time cursor tracking. External collaborators can join by signing up for a free Proton account.

Users can access these document collaboration features under Proton's freemium model, which offers 5GB of free storage. Exceeding this limit requires a subscription. Proton aims to enhance its features for organizations requiring stringent data protection, particularly in sectors like , media, finance, and law.

Transparency and Governance

Proton has committed to making the code for its document tools open-source, enabling independent audits to verify security claims. Additionally, the company has shifted to a nonprofit foundation structure, with this foundation now holding the majority share. This move is intended to ensure Proton's long-term focus on privacy remains uncompromised.

The new ‘Docs in Proton Drive' integrates seamlessly with the Proton ecosystem, which also includes email, VPN, calendar, and password management services. The development of these document features gained momentum following Proton's acquisition of the encrypted notes app ‘Standard Notes.'

Proton Drive's Product Lead, Anant Vijay Singh, remarked that the new tools will help users collaborate securely without needing to worry about data breaches common with large tech companies. “Docs in Proton Drive simplifies maintaining privacy in online collaboration. Proton handles the complexities of encryption, allowing users to focus on their work without security concerns,” noted Singh.

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