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Microsoft Forms Introduces Shared Editing for Personal Users

Microsoft Forms now lets personal Microsoft Account users co-edit forms with a collaboration link.


recently introduced a new feature to its Microsoft Forms platform, allowing users with personal Microsoft accounts (MSAs) to collaborate on forms. This update lets individuals work together by editing shared forms, making it easier to collect and manage data as a team.

Microsoft Forms is a web-based application within the Microsoft 365 suite designed for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly build and share forms, gather responses in real time, and analyze the collected data through integrated analytics tools.

How to Activate Collaborative Editing

To enable the collaboration feature, users should first sign into using their personal Microsoft account. After creating a form, they can generate a collaboration link by selecting the “…” menu in the top right corner. This link can be shared with other MSA users, granting them editing privileges. Collaborators' initials will appear at the top of the form to show who is currently editing.

This collaborative functionality is only available to users with personal Microsoft accounts. Those with work or school accounts cannot access or use these links. To turn off collaboration, users can simply click on the trash can icon beside the collaboration link.

Excel Data Sync

Additionally, Microsoft has rolled out a data sync feature that allows form responses to be directly synced with Excel for the web. This enhancement simplifies the process of data analysis and visualization by integrating responses into Excel with a single click. Initially accessible to enterprise clients, this feature will be available to personal Microsoft account users later this year.

The Excel sync feature ensures form data is automatically updated in a linked Excel workbook, viewable across desktop and mobile platforms. This integration facilitates easier and analysis using Excel's functionalities like sorting, filtering, and creating charts. Currently limited to Excel for the web, the feature will eventually include automatic syncing for new responses.

Upcoming Developments

Microsoft's recent changes to Forms signify a commitment to improving user productivity and experience. By mid-July, the company aims to finalize the rollout of the Excel sync feature for enterprise accounts, and extend it to personal account holders soon after.

These updates align with Microsoft's broader objective of integrating its software suite, promoting better collaboration and data management for users. The new collaboration and data sync features are anticipated to enhance the usability of Microsoft Forms for individuals and organizations alike.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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