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Microsoft Launches PowerToys 0.82: New Enhancements and Stability Improvements

PowerToys 0.82 is now available on GitHub. Instead of introducing new features, Microsoft is focusing on enhancements.


has rolled out version 0.82 of PowerToys, focusing on boosting stability, addressing bugs, and optimizing existing modules. This update does not introduce new tools to PowerToys, but lays the groundwork for expected feature additions in version 0.83.

Enhanced User Experience and Performance

The update prioritizes improving the user experience by refining existing functionalities. Users will experience smoother performance and reduced bugs across various tools. Highlights include the Advanced Paste feature, now providing more flexible text pasting options, and a more accurate and user-friendly Color Picker.

Significant improvements have been made to developer-focused features. The Developer Files Preview, utilizing the Monaco editor, now offers a more efficient preview experience.The Monaco Editor is a powerful code editor developed by Microsoft. It's the same engine that runs the code editing experience within Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

The Environment Variables Editor has been streamlined, making system variable management more straightforward for developers configuring their environments. An Environment Variables Editor is a specialized tool used to manage environment variables on your computer system. These variables are essentially named settings that hold specific values and can influence how programs run.

Updated Utilities and Add-ons

Several utilities and add-ons within have been updated as well. add-ons like the Hosts File Editor and Peek now offer enhanced file management capabilities. The Power Rename tool has been improved for better batch renaming performance. Additionally, minor updates have been made to tools like Find My Mouse, Quick Accent, and Screen Ruler, improving overall usability.

To update to PowerToys 0.82, users can navigate to Settings > General and select “Check for updates.” The installer for this version is also available on . Users are encouraged to update to take advantage of these improvements and prepare for the upcoming features in version 0.83.

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