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Meta Gen 3D AI System Generates Models in Under a Minute

The new Meta 3D Gen turns text into detailed 3D models in seconds. This speeds up content creation for games, movies, AR/VR, and more.


Meta has unveiled Meta 3D Gen, an AI system capable of generating detailed 3D assets quickly from text inputs. This innovation is set to facilitate the creation of 3D content, proving useful in sectors like video games, film production, augmented reality (AR), and .

Streamlined 3D Asset Generation

Meta 3D Gen crafts 3D assets with intricate textures and material maps, leveraging physically-based rendering (PBR) to achieve realistic lighting effects. Additionally, the system includes a generative retexturing feature, which allows users to alter the textures of pre-existing 3D models.

The system consists of two key modules: Meta 3D AssetGen and Meta 3D TextureGen. Meta 3D AssetGen converts text descriptions into comprehensive 3D meshes, while Meta 3D TextureGen generates and applies textures based on textual instructions. This combination ensures that the resulting assets are not only visually stunning but also contextually relevant.

Technical Details and Efficiency

Meta has released detailed technical documents explaining the methodologies behind the generation of both 3D models and textures. These documents shed light on the sophisticated techniques and algorithms that drive Meta 3D Gen. The process outpaces current solutions by a factor of three to ten, significantly cutting down on production time and costs.

Meta 3D TextureGen can produce high-quality textures for complex 3D structures in less than 20 seconds. It also features a texture enhancement network that can upscale textures to 4K resolution, catering to high-end visual needs.

The impact of Meta 3D Gen reaches beyond Meta's immediate realm, potentially transforming numerous industries and opening new possibilities in 3D content production and visualization. In the gaming industry, Meta 3D Gen could fast-track the creation of extensive virtual environments, enabling developers to prototype and refine assets more swiftly.

For architecture and industrial design, this system could enable rapid visualization of new concepts, expediting the design process and enhancing client communication. The technology also holds promise for the expanding fields of AR and VR.

While Meta 3D Gen promises to boost the efficiency of 3D artists, it may also shift routine 3D asset creation tasks away from human workers. This could allow professionals to concentrate more on creative direction and the development of intricate, custom work that remains challenging for AI.

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