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Microsoft 365 Insiders Get AI Handwriting Analysis in OneNote

Microsoft is expanding the Copilot capabilities on OneNote, adding AI-driven handwriting analysis for Microsoft 365 Insiders.


Microsoft OneNote has been updated to include an AI-powered feature that evaluates handwritten notes. This new capability is currently available to Microsoft 365 Insiders on OneNote for Windows with Version 2404 (Build 17628.20006) or later.

Enhanced Detection of Handwritten Content

Since its release in November 2023, the feature in OneNote was limited to analyzing typed text. The recent update extends these capabilities to handwritten notes, enabling users to leverage AI for note analysis. To access this feature, users can either click the Copilot icon in the OneNote ribbon, which opens a pane for entering text prompts, or select their handwritten notes using a finger, mouse, or stylus and then click the Copilot icon. Options include summarizing, rewriting, or generating To Do lists from the handwritten content.

In addition to handwriting analysis, Insiders are exploring several new features within OneNote. These include Loop components that support dynamic, collaborative content creation, and an interactive ink tutorial designed to improve user proficiency with digital inking. A new Eyedropper tool has also been introduced, allowing users to create custom pens from any selected color within an image, shape, or inked notes.

User Engagement and Feedback

Users have the option to ask questions directly from the Copilot pane regarding their handwritten notes. Examples of scenarios include prompting Copilot to summarize notes taken during meetings or exams and creating task lists from handwritten notes. Feedback for the new feature can be submitted via the Help>Feedback option in OneNote.

While the Copilot feature for handwritten notes is currently limited to 365 Insiders, there has been no announcement on when it will be available to all OneNote users. The current tests and feedback from Insiders are expected to influence the broader release schedule.

Microsoft continues to enhance its software offerings by integrating AI technologies aimed at improving user experience and boosting productivity. The new features in OneNote demonstrate the company's commitment to incorporating advanced tools into its productivity suite.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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