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Microsoft Designer Adds New Image Sizes and Creative Tools

Microsoft Designer expands to offer portrait & landscape images alongside its original square format in new update.


has upgraded its AI-powered graphic design tool, Microsoft Designer, introducing support for diverse image sizes along with some new creative functionalities. The tool, aimed at facilitating the creation of professional-grade graphics, is now freely available to the general public. The launch was announced by Derek Johnson, Director of Product for , on X.

Expanded Image Size Options

Microsoft Designer initially only supported a 1024 x 1024 pixel square format. While suitable for numerous applications, users expressed a desire for more flexibility in image dimensions. In response to this feedback, Microsoft has added support for both portrait and landscape formats. These additions open up an array of creative possibilities, from desktop wallpapers to PowerPoint presentations.

Designer now includes two fresh creative tools. The Frame Image tool allows users to embellish their photos with customized, AI-crafted frames, adding a unique touch. Alongside this, the Collage Creator enables the inclusion of up to ten photos in an intelligently arranged layout within a user-defined frame. These newly introduced features can be accessed on the Microsoft Designer website in English and are available to anyone with a Microsoft account. Users can use these features to design various items including wedding and birthday invitations, vision boards, and more.

Integration with Microsoft Services

As part of its broader strategy, Microsoft is also weaving Designer into its array of services. In April, the company announced the integration of Designer into the Windows Photos app, allowing users to seamlessly edit their photos via Designer. By May, Designer was incorporated into Microsoft Teams, enabling users to generate images directly within chat sessions. These integrations aim to streamline the user experience across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Luke Jones
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