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Microsoft to End WSUS Driver Synchronization by 2025

IT administrators will need to adopt new methods for driver distribution within their networks.


has disclosed plans to eliminate the driver synchronization feature in Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), a tool utilized by IT administrators for managing and distributing updates. This change, which will take effect on April 18, 2025, will transition the focus to contemporary, cloud-driven driver services.

Driver Synchronization refers to the process within WSUS that involves identifying, downloading, and managing hardware from Microsoft Update.

This change largely impacts IT professionals and has minimal effect on everyday consumers. Many consumer features have already transitioned similarly, making this alteration less disruptive for the general public.

Survey Insights and Transition Strategy

Microsoft's survey shows that only 34% of respondents currently use WSUS for driver synchronization. Many of these users are already looking into alternative solutions. Despite the upcoming changes, Microsoft aims to give organizations adequate time to transition. Only 8% of those surveyed expressed major concerns about the impact of this shift.

Deprecated features usually continue to work with limited support for a certain time until they are phased out in future updates. For WSUS driver synchronization, this means the feature will remain functional until its eventual removal in subsequent software updates after April 18, 2025.

Alternative Solutions for Driver Management

With WSUS driver synchronization being deprecated, IT administrators will need to adopt new methods for driver distribution within their networks. Although drivers will still be accessible via the Microsoft Update catalog, importing them into WSUS will not be possible.

Microsoft suggests alternatives such as Device Driver Packages, managing Windows Driver updates through Microsoft Intune, and utilizing the Windows Update for Business deployment service.

Microsoft is supporting users through this transition. Comprehensive resources and detailed guides on cloud-based driver services are available to assist organizations in adapting to the new systems. IT administrators are urged to become familiar with these tools to facilitate a seamless transition.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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