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GitHub Copilot Enterprise Enhances Code Review Process

Github Copilot can now create summaries for pull requests, enabling developers to quickly understand key changes.


has rolled out several updates to its Copilot Enterprise plan for Github Copilot, extending the AI coding assistant‘s capabilities to include the generation of summaries for pull requests, discussions, and file changes.

The improvements are intended to streamline developers' tasks by offering concise insights directly within the platform.

New Features in GitHub Copilot Enterprise

Among the notable updates, can now create summaries for pull requests. This new feature enables developers to quickly understand the key changes proposed without having to manually examine each modification.

By navigating to the pull request tab on GitHub.com, developers can request an automatically generated overview from Copilot, which simplifies the review process.

Enhanced Discussion Summaries

Lengthy GitHub discussions can now be more easily managed, thanks to Copilot's ability to summarize . This feature condenses extended conversations into their main points, making it easier for users to find relevant information within collaborative discussions.

Another significant update is Copilot's capacity to describe recent changes to files. When a user opens a file on GitHub, Copilot can provide an outline of what has been altered. This feature is particularly useful for developers who are new to a project or those returning after a break, as it offers clarity on recent edits.

Compatibility with Visual Studio

GitHub Copilot Enterprise's new features are also accessible in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 17.11 Preview 2 or later. In these environments, Copilot can deliver answers based on the entire codebase and integrate information from the web, enhancing the development process.

A beta feature integrates Bing search within Copilot Chat, allowing the tool to fetch information from the internet. This integration uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to interpret user queries and offer real-time coding suggestions. Users can initiate a search by starting their message with ,@github, or by adding #web to their query.

Leveraging Knowledge Bases

Copilot Chat now supports knowledge bases, which consist of Markdown documentation from multiple repositories. Organization members can utilize these knowledge bases to enhance code suggestions and respond to queries. In , users can type @github #kb in any Copilot Chat conversation to choose a knowledge base and ask a question.

Within Visual Studio, Copilot Chat provides answers enriched with contextual information drawn from the repository and Bing . This feature ensures developers receive comprehensive and relevant responses not restricted to open tabs.

For more detailed instructions on using these new features, you can check out the official GitHub Docs.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise Extras

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is available for $39 per month, roughly twice the cost of the standard Copilot subscription. The higher price reflects the inclusion of enterprise-grade security, safety, and privacy features.

While both versions of GitHub Copilot support popular editors like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs, the Enterprise edition includes additional tools for managing usage across teams and ensuring data privacy on a larger scale.

Pricing structures differ accordingly, with GitHub Copilot available via individual subscriptions and the Enterprise version tailored for bulk within corporate settings.

GitHub Copilot Plans comparison

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